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Hi, I’m Christa, a mom of three grown daughters, and one granddaughter. I am passionate about diy projects, addiction issues in our country, and animals. Thanks for visiting!


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DIY Instant Booty Lift

So in this post I am going to show you how you can get an instant booty lift. And it’s easy, cheap, and quick! All you have to have is a pair of stretchy pants or capris that are a size to big for you, and a needle and thread. And you are on yourContinue Reading

Cents And Change Saved In Epoxy

So here is one of my latest projects using one of my all time favorites, epoxy resin. I am really not all the way finished with this, but I decided to get it out here. Partially because I think it’s really neat, and I can sometimes lose projects if they get put off for tooContinue Reading


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My daughters and granddaughter

About Me

Hi, I’m Christa, and I am coming back from being paralyzed from the waist down 7 1/2 years ago due to my drug addictions. I am now trying to spread awareness when it comes to needles and opiates. I started doing diy projects shortly after becoming paralyzed while trying to get my life back together. I had to start over with nothing more than my hospital bed the state gave me and clothes that my mother helped me out with. I did not have hardly any money to get back on my feet and so I became a diyourselfer. Which has lead me to my website here called Addicted to DiY Projects. Learn More

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