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I would like to talk today about our health. The Amazon Banner I am displaying with the fresh vegetables really got me thinking about how I really need to start eating more healthy. I actually love vegetables and fruits. There are not many that I do not like. So I am going to sign up for this free trial with Amazon Fresh because not only will it cut down on my driving to and from the store, but it will also make me think a little more on what I am actually purchasing.

When you go to the grocery store, especially when you are hungry, you seem to just put everything that appeals to you inside your cart. And I don’t know about the rest of you but as I get older it seems like sweets have begun to call my name constantly! I don’t know if it has something to do with me getting off opiates or what. But it is easier these days for me to turn down the needle than it is for me to turn down a chocolate cake doughnut!

So I believe that I am going to try to start doing my shopping online and with Amazon. I feel that you put a lot more thought into what it is you are purchasing when you shop like this. When I am at the store I may have a list with me and sometimes I may even find that list and use it.! Every time that I walk out of the store I have ended up putting at least 15 or more items in my cart that I had no intentions of purchasing. And most definitely did not need!

When I have shopped online before I definitely put a lot more thought into my purchases. And even if I have put some items in there on a whim, I will see these items on there before I actually check out and have a second chance to think about whether I really need these or not. And I can think about the price of all of it. As opposed to when I am in line at the grocery store and I have many people behind me. I am just trying to be sure that I do not embarrass myself by holding the entire line up and have everyone behind me fuming.

So many times I have gotten up there and the total was very scary as to what I had originally intended for it to be. But rather than hold up the line and deal with peoples glares, I have just went ahead and paid for the items and gotten myself on out of the store. If I am sitting in front of my computer at home I do not have to deal with issues such as these. No one is hurrying me up. I can take my time and think about what I have on there and put some thought into whether I really need all of the items or not.

Being an addict most all of my life I have really put my health on the back burner. I never worried about eating good or healthy, and continued to put some of the most awful things known to society in my system while never even going to a Dr for a check up. I have actually been very lucky that I do not have more wrong with me than what I do. I did find out that I am anemic a couple of years ago. It has caused a lot of fatigue in my life. I am supposed to be taking iron pills or eating more liver.

Well the liver is out the door because I would not touch it with a ten foot pole. So I am left with the option of getting the over the counter iron pills. Which I admit I had not done until recently. So I am going to try and start taking those pills on a more regular basis and start watching what I eat more. Put more fruits and vegetables into my diet and see if that helps me to feel better each day. I will definitely report back with how I am doing with this and if it is working out in making me feel better each day.

So if anyone else decides to try this way of shopping to see if it helps with cutting down on not needed items please let me know and let me know how it works out for you. I have really been trying to change my life around every since I got paralyzed. I have been more focused on areas of just staying away from needles and opiates so far. I did get myself back into school for a while, but have let the stresses of life along with some health issues cause me to stop attending there for a while.

I am really wanting to get my life back into order and fix not only the main areas that people focus on but some of these side areas that we tend to forget about when we get too busy with life. Taking care of ourselves is one of those areas that we tend to forget. And this is one of the areas that we should all be focusing on if we really want to feel better in life. And we will tend to look better when we are taking care of ourselves.

I will go into some of the things that I have focused on since I got paralyzed and had to start over with only my mother’s clothes to wear at first and a hospital bed for my first apartment.  These things have helped me to focus on changing my life and continuing to change my life so far. And maybe they will help others in that area also.

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