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Check it out! I have had no problems whatsoever with my prepaid debit card I got from Varo. They actually dealt with a problem I had when I noticed an unusual charge on my card very well. They replaced the money in my account very quickly while they investigated into the charge. They closed out the case about a month later sending me a letter telling me about their findings. So everything about the whole ordeal went smoothly and I was pleasantly surprised by it. The place that I get my disability from had not went that smooth at all when I had to turn in some charges on my card that were suspicious. So if you are in need of a prepaid debit card that also comes with savings account and checking account, then try them out and get us both some free money.

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I am 44 and have 3 grown daughters. And I have 1 granddaughter who I am crazy about! I am a recovering heroin addict who has now been clean for almost 5 years to the day. Well I should say clean from needles for that amount of time. I can’t say completely clean because my Dr’s had me on methadone pills for a while when I first was released from the hospital. I then self medicated myself and went to a Dr for a while for suboxone. Which I then used to get myself off of the methadone pills. I was paralyzed 5 years ago as a result of using needles. My Dr’s never thought that I would walk again with the amount of infection they had to remove from my spinal cord. Yet I am now walking! Unassisted even. I do not require a cane or anything to walk now, is what I mean by unassisted. I do better with a cane but I can actually do it without it. And the Dr’s really never thought that would happen. So I am now in school again and almost have my associates degree in general studies. I have been focusing on going to school to be a drug and alcohol counselor. I have had some hiccups along the way since I suffer from depression a lot since this happened. But I am determined to never give up. So I hope that you will follow me either on my blog or my Facebook pages and help support getting addicts the help that they really need. Instead of the stereotype labels they get here in America as well as the criminal label they acquire when they cannot just quit their use of drugs or alcohol.

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