Concrete & Shells On Bathtub DiY

DiY Concrete Projects

So the picture above is of the front of my bathtub. I know that it is a little out there. Most have probably never seen anything like this DIY I have going on here. I am not even sure where on earth the idea came from. I just know that one night I was sitting in my bathroom trying to pee and thinking about cement projects I had seen on youtube, and next thing you know I had cement and shells all over the front of my bathtub.

So I will tell you right off the rip, that this project is a little messy, and a little bit hard to do! It took me a while to figure out what I needed to do in order to get the concrete to stay on the bathtub and then to actually stay on the bathtub and hold the seashells I was trying to add to it. So you live and you learn. That is for sure!

Concrete & Shell Bathtub Project

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So anyways I will have to say that it does actually look better than it did when I first started out on it. You have to remember that mine is a fixer upper trailer. And my bathroom definitely needed some fixing up! The bathtub was in dire need of an updo. And I kept on trying all kinds of different ideas to cover up the front of it where it looked so bad.

But nothing ever worked all the way with making it look better and making it look right with whatever I was trying on it. Until the concrete and shells. I don’t know why exactly but it actually fits in there and I do actually like it. Well on most days I like it we will say. Then there are some days when I am looking at it again and thinking in my head, what could I do to make it look better tban it does? Or should I just possibly try and get a whole new bathtub?

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The story of my life however. I love doing new projects around my trailer, and I love taking something that looks bad and turning it into something that now looks good or at least halfway decent! I have to admit that I have a bad habit of getting bored with things around me, whether it be the trailer rooms, the backyard, or even my hair. I will get tired of the same old thing and decide that I have come up with an idea to make whatever new project it is better.
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Though this bad habit of mine will definitely keep me a stressed out mess at times with new projects happening all over my small trailer, it also has it’s good points too. I am getting better when it comes to home decor and my construction skills have improved immensely since I moved into my little fixer upper trailer a little over 3 years ago.

So have fun with this if anyone out there gets brave enough to try this on their own possessions. A couple of tricks to get it to work better is to

1. hold your concrete in position until it gets a little bit of a form.

2. Make sure your concrete is a little more thick rather than thin.

3. And I actually sifted my concrete through a strainer I had to get all of the rocks out of it. I then used all of the little pebbles to other projects and in my house plants to make them look nicer.

hole new bathtub you know?

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