Supernatural or Super Explainable

Alfred security camera app that turns your old phones into security cameras around your home. Captures movement of the phone even though there appears to be no one around.

So I was browsing through my alfred footage on my phone one day and noticed this video. There is nothing amazing about it except for the fact that no one was around this phone/security camera at the time that I saw the phone move slightly to the right.

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Now I am not one who goes around seeing ghosts behind every little noise or movement that I see. I am not even sure if I believe in ghosts or not. But this did strike me as odd. The phone was sitting upright leaning up against the back of the tall bluetooth speaker that I had moved outside into the lean to once it was done.

Now there is nothing behind where the phone was sitting at. You cannot even physically get behind that area because the bluetooth speaker is pushed up against the blinds that cover the area where a wall might have been. had I not decided to turn the lean to into an outside living room area. So there is only a fence behind the blinds and it goes to the side of our neighbors old garage that no one ever uses and no one ever goes into.

In the 3 years I have lived in this trailer court I have never once seen an actual person back in this area unless it was Justin jumping across the fence to retrieve something of ours that somehow found it’s way over to their side of the fence. And I looked at the videos of right before the movement and right after the movement, and there was nothing at all that I could see in any of the videos. No animals, no people around.

The first explanation someone gave me was that it must have been Lick, my dog, who moved it. Well I have never once seen Little Lick get himself up on a table of any type and move a phone before. For one it is impossible for the dog to get up there, and for 2 the camera would have caught him in the act. So I can’t even entertain the possibility of one of my dogs bumping into the table and making the phone move a little when they did, because that is also about impossible when you consider the amount of force it would take to bump this set up and actually make something move that was sitting on the table.

A person bumping the table? Yea I could buy that for accidentally hitting the table and causing the phone to move a little. But the problem with that is that there is no one around at all. The camera would have caught them somewhere along the way of their bump.

So these are the facts that I know about what was around the phone that day, and the circumstances surrounding the phone capturing the video that day. So if you would like to put your vote in I would love to see what most people’s opinions are of what caused this after they see the video.

Thank you and feel free to follow me! I am new to all of this blogging stuff and I am trying to get better at it. But I have decided to write about whatever might come in and out of my life now that I am starting over after having the ability to walk taken away from me completely for a few years. So now that I have been given a second chance and I am back on my feet again I am just going to write and share and see where it may take me.


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