My Back Room Makeover

My Back Room Before Remodeling

So I have decided to post on my back room as I do it. Instead of waiting until it’s all done, I figured I would make it into a project that someone could follow along with. If they choose to that is.


So I have to start off with saying that this will be my first ever whole room remodeling job. I have never stomped ceilings before.

And I have never layed tile in an entire room. I have painted of course. But I want to try something different with my spare room. Something I have never done. And that hopefully comes out looking awesome!

So I am going to post some pictures of what my back room looked like at it’s peak of being cluttered up with stuff. (And I do mean it was cluttered!)

And then I will post some pictures of right before I started with the remodeling. And then I will post some as I am working on the ceilings.

Which I am in the middle of right now. One thing that is going to be different about this before and after job is the fact that I am going to be transforming my entire room with very little money involved.

Most of the stuff I will be using was actually completely free! I will show the materials as I use them and let you know what was free and what was not.


As well as let you know the cost it was to me and I will have links in here for anyone who might be interested in purchasing some of their own remodeling items.

So I will get started with some of my pictures I am going to share with you.

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Here are the pictures right before I got started with the remodeling

This is the closet before picture
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This is the window. What you can see of it.
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This is a panorama view of the whole room
This is a view standing from the door of the room.
This is the opposite side of room standing from the entrance door.
This is a before of the ceiling and light fixtures.

Shown below in the slideshow are the pictures of what the room looked like a few months ago. Before I had cleaned it out of all of my mountains of stuff!

So this is my project that I will be undertaking for the next few weeks. And I am hoping that it does not take me no longer than a few weeks! Like I said I have never done an entire room of remodeling before. And I do have the boyfriend to help me some with this. But other than that I am on my own. And hoping that it turns out well!

So stay with me if you would like to keep up with my progress. And to see what the room looks like as I go along. I am already almost done with the ceilings. And I will post pictures of the finished look in my next blog I write. Thanks for reading. And good luck to all of you on your own project adventures. Happy projecting!


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