My piece of wood prior to working on it

So I started this project out with a piece of wood that had actually been cut out for a lazy susan. I found it in the local flooring store dumpster along with a lazy susan.

This piece was actually cut perfectly for making a lazy susan and so it looked like a round piece of wood with a quarter section taken out. But since I was not needing a lazy susan I went ahead and cut the board in half. Leaving me with a decent canvas to work with.

My piece of wood as I was adding real sand to it

I then mixed up my resin and added my sand to it. Making it pretty thick. But not so thick as to where it wouldn’t spread well. And I took my sand and spread it all along the flat bottom side of my wood piece. Making it appear to be a beach area.

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I actually took some of my epoxy spray paint and sprayed it on top of my sand in order to help seal my sand in place, and to give it different colors. I used the darker color around the edges where the water would be coming in and the light colors for the rest of it.

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What it looked like as I added my epoxy with green food coloring to it
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I then added my epoxy resin with green coloring added to it. And then I added some blue at the top. Though it appeared to be very pretty when you looked at it I ended up changing my colors just because it appeared to me as looking like algae would when the green color of the water hit the shoreline. I don’t know whether I am just crazy or if it really was looking like algae, but either way I bailed on the greenish colors that met with my sand.

What it looked like as I added some blue to it


So as you can see below here I added a blue to it and flooded the entire picture with my blue and white colors to overtake the green.

As I changed my mind and decided to go with blues and white

So I then put a whole thin coat of resin over the entire picture. And then went through with my tinted white resin in thin lines. Which I then used my blow dryer to push the white and clear resin around.

This is to create your appearance of the waves. I am very new to working with epoxy and ocean scenes. So I am still trying to get my waves just right. I always seem to put too much white or something.

As I was getting more of the white added for the waves effect
The 3rd day when I added more clear epoxy and white to it. Trying to get the waves right

So I also did my picture here in layers. Which I think gives you more depth when doing epoxy resin ocean scenery. So what I did was I let my blue and whites dry and then went over them with the clear epoxy and white epoxy. Pushed them around with my blow dryer and then let them cure for another day.

And this is after I let the clear epoxy and epoxy tinted with white in it dry.

And though I am not done with this piece yet, I figured I would post it and then update it later when I figure out exactly what I want to do with it.

Some epoxy enamel spray paint that I picked up at our local hardware store for like $1.50 a piece. They are for appliances actually, but I found out that they work well with sand when doing a beach scene.

Right now I am still trying to figure out if I want it to be an ocean scene or turn it into the sky with the earth below. Or if I want to make it into a little side table or leave it as a picture. So I will put any updates on here that I decide to do with it.

And if anyone has any comments or suggestions on what I should do with it please feel free to leave your comments.

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