Christas World

The Journey Begins

Start reading my story on how I became paralyzed at the age of 40, and how I am now walking again without any assistance just 5 years later.

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DIY Gallery

Chelseas travels

Chelsea is my oldest daughter and she is a teacher in Indianapolis, Ind. She is also a worldwide traveler who is living in Asia right now with her fiancée Eric.

Explore the World With My Daughter Chelsea!

Here Is Mallory My Middle Daughter

Mallory is 25 and currently in the nursing program at IUE. She is also a dancer/model. She has a beautiful 7 year old daughter Adallette. Who of course is my gorgeous granddaughter!

Click Here To See More Of Mallory


Check Out Kenzie’sTalents!

Mackenzie is the baby and she is a very accomplished artist/dancer/pole instructor/alternative model

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My Puppa’s

Services We Offer

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Gel Nails & Acrylic Nails

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Permanent Make Up

Guitar Lessons

Learn all about Justin and his skills with the guitar and songwriting. He also writes his own music and has 13 original songs that he has written. He is currently looking to join another band. And he is giving guitar lessons right now.

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Come Check Out Some Of Our Items We Have For Sale!

Lots Of Vintage Items!

We have over 200 items for sale on OfferUp. Come check us out!

Here are a few of our items we have below!

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