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Justin Hurst is 42 years old and has been playing guitar since he was 12 years old. He has been in bands such as Legal Tender, and Shotgun Surprise.

Justin is also a very good songwriter and poet. He has that ability in him to take some words he puts together and then lay down an entire song with his guitar to go with the song. Amazing to me! Or he can make up some rift on his guitar and then put words to the melody that he plays. And they turn out great! Check out some of his poems he has written down below the videos.

Some Of Justin’s Videos

Written By Justin Hurst For Christa Bruns

Click Here To Listen

Justin’s Poetry

Cowards by Justin Hurst

Fake ass, weak ass, bitchass, and the heartless.

This world is full of their kind. Their the ones who can’t wait for you to leave, so they can enter your house from behind.

While your back is turned they run their pathetic mouths, careful not to speak too loud, as they throw your name south.

Spineless cowards who can’t stand their own reflections, because the person looking back at them are filled with puss an infection.

Draining our generation of it’s youth, filling their heads with what they want to hear, instead of the simple truth.

Twisting their forked tongue, they whisper like the wind, they have no family, kin, and hell not one single friend.

So narcissistic and selfish, you can see it in their swag, scared to death to share one single thing, that they ever had.

Bully’s always fall hard, their cross hairs set on the weak, you’ll find them behind dumpsters, parking lots, and dark corners of the streets.

But if you live by the sword, you shall die by the sword. Do a crime and go on in and do your own time.

Don’t shrivel up little boy man, there will always be some poor lady, you can rob from behind.

My moto is to “Be the man, the bull, the cell boss. The one with enough strength inside to carry their own cross.

Not some water downed version just trying to get by. He swears on his kids life as he tells a fat lie ,says its freezing outside when actually it’s hot, Or tells on his brother, cause his bitch-ass got caught!

Justin Playing His Guitar

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