My back room makeover 2

So as you can see I am moving along with my back room makeover. This room is looking so much better it is amazing. And as I have cleaned and began organizing the room it is really becoming a useful room that you can actually stand to walk into. I have used some big ironContinue reading “My back room makeover 2”

My Back Room Makeover

So I have decided to post on my back room as I do it. Instead of waiting until it’s all done, I figured I would make it into a project that someone could follow along with. If they choose to that is. So I have to start off with saying that this will be myContinue reading “My Back Room Makeover”

DiY Photo Branch

So here is a project that me and my granddaughter did over the weekend. She decided after seeing a lot of my different projects around my home that she wanted us to do a project together. One that she could take home to her mother. So I decided to try one with branches. Thinking thatContinue reading “DiY Photo Branch”

DiY Poof Yarn Rug

So this is a fairly easy project. Though it is easy, it also is very time consuming! If you are wanting a decent sized rug then we are talking at least 4 hours of working on it with very small breaks. I really can’t say how long mine took exactly, because I worked on itContinue reading “DiY Poof Yarn Rug”

Back Yard Water Displays

So I have a spot in my backyard that I use for my water displays. And I will change this display around after I get it done and get pictures plus video. This gives me the opportunity to keep on getting better at making these displays. I guess I can’t stand keeping anything the same.Continue reading “Back Yard Water Displays”

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Old Tennis Shoe Transformation

Before & After Below So for this shoe makeover all that I did was take an old pair of guess tennis shoes that I had back in my closet, and put glue and glitter on them. What you will need. Elmers Glue Small Paint Brush Black Glitter White Marker Old Pair Of Tennis Shoes IContinue reading “Old Tennis Shoe Transformation”

DiY Hanging Lights

So for this project I ended up using 1. Elmers Glue 2. Balloon 3. Bowl (for your glue) 4. Rubber gloves (so you don’t get your hands a nasty mess) 5. Twine (a little thinner twine is what I used) 6. Scissors 7. An old light from those plug in candles that you see atContinue reading “DiY Hanging Lights”

Mackenzie’s Talents

Check out my youngest daughter on Instagram. She is an alternative model/SFX makeup artist/bartender/pole instructor. I know that is a mouthful of titles lol. She keeps herself busy! She is an awesome artist and does the SFX make up on herself. Here is some of her artwork. She has a very vivid dark imagination whenContinue reading “Mackenzie’s Talents”

Lovin Squares Headboard

So for this project I went a little bit out there and it may not be for some. I am of course still trying to finish it and can’t decide exactly how to get the rest of it the way I want it. But I figured I’d post it and if someone out there likedContinue reading “Lovin Squares Headboard”

Tree Trunk Turned Table With Built In Light

So with this project of mine I had the boyfriend go down to my neighbors and pick out some tree stumps he had all piled up in his driveway. So he ends up bringing this stump to me. Which was a lot larger than what I really had in mind. I was just going toContinue reading “Tree Trunk Turned Table With Built In Light”