Controlled Substance Scheduling

Well I decided that I just had to share my opinion of this little drug fact that has to do with Xanax. Or you may know them as alprazolam. Same thing basically. One is just a generic form. Now if you are reading any of my blogs here then you probably already know that I... Continue Reading →

DIY Altered Sweater

Well this will be One of my first postings in regards to do it yourself projects that I have actually done. I am posting a Sweater this time that I have altered. I took some of the before and after pictures so I could show everyone in case it turned out decent. So what’s a... Continue Reading →

Spy Camera’s

Today I decided to post about my recent find in my home. I have discovered about 20 tiny camera's so far. Here is a collage I did of some that I found so far. They are inside of the screw heads. Looking just like any normal everyday screw. And used just like any normal everyday... Continue Reading →

Thred Up

Try this link out to get $10 free for both you and me! And you get to clean out your closet while also helping someone out there by donating whatever they don't buy. Click Here To Get $10 Free

The story of Little Lick!

  This three legged dog is something else! I have never seen a dog who shows human emotions as well as this one does. He is Katie’s puppy from her one litter of pups she had before we got her fixed. When he was about 7 months old he got hit by a car. I... Continue Reading →

Justins Poems

When you visit my site you will sometimes see advertisements for certain products for sale. I am putting the disclosure statement below so that anyone visiting my site will understand that certain products that I may promote, I do get a certain commission from if someone would buy from the said link on my website.... Continue Reading →

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