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Supernatural or Super Explainable

So I was browsing through my alfred footage on my phone one day and noticed this video. There is nothing amazing about it except for the fact that no one was around this phone/security camera at the time that I saw the phone move slightly to the right. Now I am not one who goes around seeing ghosts behind every little noise or movement that I see. I am not even sure if I believe in ghosts or not. But this did strike me as odd. The phone was sitting… Read more Supernatural or Super Explainable

Vining Tree Stump

So what I did with this project was I took a tree stump that I got from a friend and I hollowed it out. I went about 6-8″ down into the stump and about 7″ across. Well I guess it would be 7″ by 7″ I went across the top. Sorry I am not the greatest at figuring out how to say the measurements. I am ridiculous actually when I start a project. I will just jump in there and start doing it and I rarely use a tape measure… Read more Vining Tree Stump

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Original Cutty Sark Painting

Original Cutty Sark Painting by F. Tudgay. Painted in 1872. You find the date and artist signature in the lower right hand corner. Comes in a very nice frame. Online appraisal was $7,000- 9,000.00. Asking only $5,000.