Epoxy planters

So for this project here I have combined 4 different items that I made with epoxy. They are all 3 pretty small, and very easy to do. And I think that they turned out very cute. I just love the look of epoxy. How you can see through it so clearly when you don’t add any color to it at all. I now have 3 of them sitting in my kitchen together on a shelf that I am redoing. And the 4th one I have in my bathroom using it for a small soap holder.

I have my bathroom done in seashells and trees! Believe it or not it all seems to go together great. But I have to say it is because of an awesome shower curtain that I bought. The pictures on it was of some tree like figures and then fields and seashells. And I just love that shower curtain! So I started doing my entire bathroom in the same concept. You can check out a picture of my shower curtain below. And it was actually butterflies and leaves that it has a lot of on it. As well as seashells and even old medicine bottles.

Which actually fit in well with my own sense of decor. I have been collecting old medicine bottles for a few years now. And so I was able to put those up on a shelf as well. So anyways moving on from my shower curtain. I believe that I used the same type of mold on 2 of these planters and then the purple one I used a plastic mold from a microdermabrasion machine I got at Walmart sometime in the last 2 weeks.

So the tall green looking plants and the plain seashells was both done in the bottoms of some plastic solo cups that I had at home. I keep plastic cups around the place now that I am always working with resin. It is definitely what you will want to use when mixing your resin up.

Also plastic spoons are awesome for your mixing. So what you will want to do is to just get a plastic cup (any type will do) and you will want to fill the bottom of it up with however much resin you are wanting your planters to have in them. This is a matter of personal preference. Oh and I almost forgot that I added some glitter to a couple of them. You can see it in really well in the picture of the purple plant with the ridges and looks as if it is halfway submerged.

Then once you have your resin in your cup, you will want to go over it with a heat gun or a torch. This will get all of your air bubbles out of it. And you will want to do this before you start putting your items in there with it. I of course did it backwards from how I am telling you to do it. So it was a pain in the butt to not torch my plastic plants and seashells!

But that is the story of my life I swear. And if you are new to working with epoxy resin you can check out my page on The best tips when working with epoxy to get some pointers on some things to do and some things not to do.


So once you have your resin poured into your cups and stirred plus have the air bubbles out, then it is time to start adding your seashells and plants. And all you do is just drop however many you want down into your cup. And then you will also add your plastic plants now. Just make sure that you have it trimmed right for however much you want to be sticking out of your resin. My first one I did with the purple flower and the seashells in the bottom I ended up leaving the plant a little long for my liking. So I learned really quickly to make sure my plants were trimmed right. And you had best be doing it before it goes in. Because once the resin hardens then it is over with. You will not be getting it back out of there. Not without some major tools and some destroying of those plants.

This one is my plain seashell one. Could also make a good coaster if someone wanted to use them for that.
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So once you have everything where you want it to be, you will then put it up somewhere safe and let it cure. I would say give it 24 hours to be safe. It will be hard way before 24 hours. But it could be gooey down in the bottom of it. And you don’t want to start peeling your plastic mold off and encounter any gooey epoxy! And once your epoxy is all the way cured, you will start getting your plastic mold off of it. I always use a razor knife to cut into the plastic. And then I use some pliers or needle nose pliers to peel the plastic off of it the rest of the way.

You can see by the ridges in this one that I used a different type of mold for it. I think it looks really cool however!

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Here is a picture of both of my planters that I did at the same time
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This was my first one I did where I left the purple plant a little bit too long.

They can be a little difficult to pull off at times. You have to remember that these are not your typical molds that you get online. Which I have enclosed a link below for. For those of you who would rather have a store bought mold to do these types of things in. But once you get all of the plastic off of it then you are in. You may have to trim the edges of some excess resin. But other than that you should be all the way in there and ready to put them out on display in your home. So good luck if you choose to try this particular project. Feel free to leave your comments. And don’t forget to like and follow if you are enjoying these types of projects. And just remember that I am just starting out on this blogging stuff. So I will keep getting better as I go along!

Here is a picture of the back of the seashells only. Though this one is not a planter style like the others I thought it would go well with this post because it is small and easy to make. Just like the planters. And I think I used an oatmeal lid for this one.


Broken Tile Island

This was my first attempt at broken tile on my island
Here is my first attempt in the making

Here is a picture of the first attempt at tiling and grouting my island in my kitchen
This is what the island looked like at the start of my project

So for this project I have actually finished my island with broken tile and grout. And then I ended up redoing it like a year later. And as you will see from the pictures that I have posted that I have definitely gotten better at doing these things. I decided one day when we moved the island to the other side of my kitchen, that I was fed up with looking at the poor thing and it was going to get redone.

\ So we took the old off (which came apart in like 2 pieces) and on with the new. It took me one night to redo the whole thing. Since luckily I still had a lot of the broken pieces from the last time. Most of my pieces I used were already broken but I still had to take a bunch of them and hammer them up into smaller pieces for filling areas in.

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So then what you will want to do is to take all of your pieces and line them out some. So that you can somewhat see what it is you have to work with. That way you can start to envision them on your countertop. I always just start at a corner and pick a somewhat big one that looks cool there and lay it down. And then I will start working around that big one. Pieces my different colors and sizes so that they are all fitting sort of like a puzzle.

You definitely want to stay away from putting too many of one type or color in the same area. But these are broken tiles and you can do it however you want to. That is the awesome thing about working with these. There are no set rules on exactly how to lay them. But if you are working with different colors or different designs on your tiles then in my opinion I think it looks better to keep them looking random and all over the place.

Then once you get enough on there, you will want to take them off and start spreading your grout or thinset. Ok so I am a newby to all of this and I have a way of just doing my own thing with whatever it is that I have in stock. Not the best way to do things I admit. But it is what it is. And I have learned alot with my trial and error type of ways. So I actually just used grout this go around. Oh and on my first time of laying this island I have to share how I had ended up using black grout (probably not for you if you are a beginner) and I let this black grout dry one night without getting it wiped down really well with my wet sponge.

Big mistake! I was sanding for days because of my mistake. And black is just so very dark. It will really show your every little mistake. Then I ended up going over it all with a light color of grout. That was actually the premixed stuff. Awesome stuff I have to say! I have included a link to both premixed and powder form of grout below. You also will want to use sanded grout for a project such as this. Your joints will be way bigger than 1/8″. And you only want to use non-sanded grout if your joints will be 1/8″ or smaller. For projects such as this with way bigger joints you will want to use sanded grout.

Here is a corner of my new tile countertop
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Here is what it looked like right after I got my grout laid down

Another thing before you get started with any of this is to make sure that your area is clean. Make sure you get everything off of the space you will be working on. Clear of dust and debris. Now moving on. Whichever type of bonding agent you would use you will want to make sure and lay it all very evenly. You have to make sure that your grout is all as even as possible so that when you lay your tile down on it, they will all be the same height and perfectly level. Same goes with your tile pieces.

That was another mistake I ended up making in the beginning. I had some of my tile pieces being of different thickness. And so let me say that it ended up being a very big problem when it came to laying my grout down and it actually setting right. So what you will want to use in order to spread your grout evenly is a notched trial. I have provided a picture and link below.

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The notches on your trial will help you to be able and spread the grout nice and evenly. And once you have your grout spreak out in the area you are ready to lay in, then you will start laying your tile pieces in. Just put them back in there in the same order you had them. Try not to have too much of a gap between your pieces as you go. You will want to fill it in the best you can throughout your laying. So if you have to just grab a hammer and start busting up some of your pieces until you get the size and shape that is needed in order to fill in your gaps. I actually use a rubber mallet when I bust mine up. But either one will do the job

As an Amazon Associate I could make a small fee off any qualified sales that might arise from my advertisements.

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So after you get one section done then move onto another section the same way you did that section. Until you are all done with it. Then once you are all done with your placing of your tiles, you will want to let them dry for 24 hours. To ensure that everything is all the way dry and set. Once all of your grout is dry you may have to go over all of it and sand it some. Depending on how good you are at grouting will depend on how much sanding that you will end up doing. Now I actually ended up going over my entire countertop with epoxy right after it was dry.

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This is a picture of it right after I put the epoxy on it. Not quite finished ye
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The reason that I did this was because my grout was bad and I knew it. So rather than go and get some new grout I decided to just try this out. I wanted epoxy on my countertops anyways. And I wanted to see whether or not this would work. And it actually worked great! The grout did not have time to start cracking up like it likes to do once it is so old. And now it is protected forever underneath the layers of epoxy.

Now if you are not going to use epoxy like I did, then you would want to use some grout sealer on your grout lines. And normally all you would have to do is have a rag and put some of your sealer on it. Then just apply the sealer to all of your grout lines. Be careful about putting too much on while your doing it. Because if you get too much and it starts dripping on your tiles, it will leave a haze that is pretty hard to get back off. So I would just keep that in mind. I have never had any problems so far when I used it. But someone else may have some issues with it.

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And that is about all there is to it. I hope that I did not forget anything at least. But I encourage you to try your hand at grouting and tiling. I love it and never dreamed years ago that I would be doing stuff like this and actually liking it!. I guess one never knows what they are truly into until they actually try it out. So good luck and happy projecting!


Epoxied Hand With Seashells & Glass Balls

So for this project I decided to take a hand that I had actually done with concrete last summer and turn it into a jewelry holder. So what I did was I took my hand made of concrete and I put it all inside of a basket that I had lined with plastic so the epoxy would not stick to it but it will keep the epoxy in my basket.

So then all I did was position my hand the way I wanted it, and then I started to fill up my basket on the bottom with seashells and colored glass balls.

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And once I had everything position the way I wanted it I then mixed up my Epoxy. Then after it was mix very well I added some green and blue food coloring to it. Once I get the collar the way I wanted it I went ahead and poured my Apoxsee all through my seashells and my colored balls and around my concrete hand.


So then I just let it dry and let it dry overnight it was by 18 hours of drying and then I checked it and it was all the way hard. So I took it out of the basket. The plastic that I had in there, I just had to pick it up out of the basket and peel it off of my epoxy project.

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I have to admit this is a very different type of project. I decided to go out on a limb and see if anybody else liked it or not. And pretty much see if I liked it or not LOL.

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This diy jewelry holder is made with a concrete hand, seashells, colored balls, and epoxy.
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But when all was said and done I decided I did like it. It’s different that’s for sure. So if you like this project and would like to see others that I have done, make sure you sign up and like this project. And feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. Good luck and happy projecting!



DiY Poof Yarn Rug

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Multi Colored Rug Made With Yarn

So this is a fairly easy project. Though it is easy, it also is very time consuming! If you are wanting a decent sized rug then we are talking at least 4 hours of working on it with very small breaks.

I really can’t say how long mine took exactly, because I worked on it in small time increments. I would sit and roll the yarn into the little poofs as I was sitting around talking. So I never did time myself on how long it took me.

I just know that as I was sitting there working on it that first day I couldn’t believe how many more it was going to take me to actually finish it!


So be prepared and have a lot of yarn ready for your project. I did multi color. Mainly because I kept running out of the yarn I was working with!

But in the end I think it turned out well with the multi color. As long as you stick to a color scheme that goes well together, you can use about whatever you want!

I actually have chunky multi color yarn in there, as well as a furry type of yarn that felt like rabbits fur. I used to have a rabbit. His name was Blackjack. (I was working as a blackjack dealer on one of the riverboats at the time). I also have the thinner yarn in there as solid colors. So it is however you want it to turn out.

This is one of the chunky yarns I used. And they were small so I ended up using 3 of them.

I will say that if you use the chunky yarn, it will go much faster. And it does make them softer when stepping on them. The downside to that is how much yarn you will have to use.

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The measurements for my rug ended up being 30” x 14”. So you get an idea of how big it turned out. And I used a whole skein of the rabbit fur, a whole large skein of multi color regular yarn, a whole skein of white and cream, a whole skein of multi color blue white and black, and 2 small skeins of a cream multi color chunky yarn.

It sounds like a lot of yarn. And it is actually. But I had a lot of it already here at my house. And I think that most all of what I did buy was relatively cheap. Nothing over $5. I think a couple were only $1.77. Except for the rabbit fur one. It was like $6 and it was a small skein of it. I didn’t realize how much it was really going to take me when I got the rabbit fur one. So live and learn I guess.


So you will also need something to glue your poof balls to. What is going to be your foundation for your rug. I used pink pads. This is what I call them because the plastic on them is pink, while the other layer of fabric is white. I get them from being paralyzed. Because I am incontinent my insurance gives them to me each month for free. Though I don’t have the bladder problems that I once did directly after being paralyzed, my body is still in recovery mode and confused mode most of the time.

But anyways these things are great for using for my projects. Or I have given some to family members a few times for puppy pee pads. Since I was wanting mine to be a bathroom rug I decided that the pink pads would be perfect.

The cotton side helps to absorb the moisture and the plastic keeps the moisture from getting to your floor.

The pink pad flipped over and opened to show the pink plastic liner.
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I doubled mine up, to make it even softer. (Another problem I have from being paralyzed is nerve damage in my feet) So that it is even better feeling when I step on it after getting out of the shower.

And so far it is working great as a bath rug. You can tell by my pictures that I am not completely done with mine. I still need to glue it together the rest of the way. And do some trimming here and there. I needed my pictures of the rug to show the pink plastic in there and so I figured I would finish it up after I got my post done.

I am a procrastinator though. So I guess we will see how long it takes me to get the bottom all wrapped up.

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Picture of my new bath rug out in my living room. With my dogkatie, who likes to lay next to rugs, instead of on rugs, like most normal dogs.

So you will want to start with your foundation (pink pads or whatever you want to use for yours) and get it to the size you want it. I would leave it a little bigger than smaller. You can always trim it down if you need to in the end. It’s a lot harder to have to add to it in the end than it is to just make some trim adjustments. Though both are possible. So no worries, you can’t mess it up beyond repair!

Now you want to start making your poof balls.

How to make your balls to attach to your foundation.

I have made a collage from step one to gluing your first piece above. Hopefully it helps some. There are different ways you can do it. I found it easier to just take the yarn and wrap it around my thumb and then my pinky finger and just keep going around the two fingers until you have a decent amount of yarn for your poof. Then you just cut your yarn.

Then cut yourself a small piece to tie around your yarn that you wrapped. Place your extra piece under and just tie it in a small knot. Or you can just loop it once and as long as you pull it tightly it will stay in place.

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Then you will want to cut it on the ends making it instead of loops on the end, it will be a bunch of little strands of yarn. Making it appear as if it’s having a bad hair day.

Now you just take it and pull all of your strands together (like they will be once glued onto your foundation) and just trim all of your long pieces and get it relatively even.

Now it’s ready to be glued onto it’s foundation. Just start at the corner edge and start working your way around your foundation. I worked from the outside to the inside. There are many ways you can do it. It’s a matter of preference.

And just keep on gluing your poofs as closely together as you can, until you get all of your space covered. I used a hot glue gun to put all of mine on. And it worked great. Besides getting a couple burns along the way. So I suggest wearing gloves when working with the hot glue gun.

Especially since you will be putting your fingers down in there trying to push your poofs into place. And sometimes you won’t be able to see very well when you are trying to get one in place.

So good luck if anyone should happen to try this project. Let me know how yous turns out. Good luck and happy crafting!


DiY Hanging Lights

So for this project I ended up using

1. Elmers Glue

2. Balloon

3. Bowl (for your glue)

4. Rubber gloves (so you don’t get your hands a nasty mess)

5. Twine (a little thinner twine is what I used)

6. Scissors

7. An old light from those plug in candles that you see at Christmas time (or you can use the light strands of little led lights)


I actually went to goodwill and got a bunch of small lights that they had there for like $1 a piece. I got an assortment of different types of lights that I could take out and reuse for my different projects I do. And I didn’t pay over $10 for all of them I got. And I got at least 6 of them I could use.

There are actually many different ways that you can light your project up at the end. It’s all a matter of personal preference. I will have links to amazon also throughout my post of lighting types you can get from them.

I will also go ahead and disclose that I am an affiliate with Amazon and I may make a small commission off qualified purchases that result from clicking on my links.

While I am trying to get myself going in affiliate marketing I have learned already to not try to sell things that I have no knowledge of. So when I do put advertisements on my site, whether it be in my posts or my pages, it is going to be products that I have used myself. Or I will at least have some knowledge about how that product has worked out for others that I know. I will try and be as honest as possible when I advertise or when I recommend something to anyone who reads my stuff. Because I know that I hate to be steered the wrong way just for that person who is steering me to make a sale.

Some of my supplies I used

So once you have all your items gathered, you will want to fill your bowl up with the elmers glue. I added black sparkles to my first light. It’s up to you on whether or not you use them. Put your rubber gloves on and proceed to start dipping your twine into the glue.

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My balloon getting the twine put on it.

After you have it all good and soaked with it, you will want to start at the beginning of the twine and just wring your string out as you go. Getting all of the excess glue off of it. Do this as you wrap it around your balloon.

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Your going to want to go in a little bit of different directions as you are wrapping your balloon with your glue soaked twine. You want every bit of it covered but have it looking like it’s very random.

My balloon before I got all the way done
My ball after I popped my balloon and got my lights in it.

I actually tied my 2 ends together in a little knot as well as putting a little bit of hot glue in different areas to help hold it and make it secure.

You will then put your ball up somewhere safe to dry. I let mine dry for about 12-14 hours. It was pretty secure at that point. So I then just had to cut a small hole in the twine so I could get my light up into it. I ended up using some led string lights that I had. You just plug them into any usb charger and you are good to go. I like using them because they usually have very long amounts of string from your plug area to where the lights actually start. And having all the little lights all stuffed in together inside of your ball really looks awesome for some nice soft lighting.

My first ball I used brown twine on and I didn’t blow my balloon up as much as I did with my second balloon.
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So these diy hanging lights are fun and easy to do for everyone in your family. And there are many ways that you can do them to go along with the style that someone wants. You can do different colors of twine or rope, different thickness, different size balloons. And with your balloons all you have to do to change the size or shape of your form is to either blow them up bigger or smaller.

So they are a very cheap project to do. The materials that you get will usually last you through many of these ball lights if you are wanting to make a bunch of them.

So drop me a line and let me know how your project turns out if you would decide to try it.

Good luck and happy crafting!


Vining Tree Stump

Vining plant planted in tree-stump

So what I did with this project was I took a tree stump that I got from a friend and I hollowed it out. I went about 6-8″ down into the stump and about 7″ across. Well I guess it would be 7″ by 7″ I went across the top.

Sorry I am not the greatest at figuring out how to say the measurements. I am ridiculous actually when I start a project. I will just jump in there and start doing it and I rarely use a tape measure for anything. It sends my boyfriend into a tizzy every time he sees how I work outside. I will be in sandals with no tool belt. While he will have on a huge tool belt, knee pads, gloves, and maybe even a pair of safety goggles, depending on what he might be doing.

I do have to admit that his way is probably the much better and much safer way of doing things. But I was brought up in the country and I watched my dad work around our place for years while never wearing a tool belt or gloves half the time. So I guess I picked up a lot from my childhood in those regards. Though I will admit that I have been trying to remember to wear gloves lately because of the damage it has been doing to my hands. And mother nature is doing a fine job of aging me so I really don’t need to help speed up the process by doing dumb things that I could have prevented is the way I am looking at it these days.


So I ended up using a hammer drill with a large drill bit to hollow the stump out. This was after trying everything from a Sawzall to a mult tool. Neither did anything more than basically wear me out a little bit more than I was with very little results!

Shop Hammer Drills

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Finally I found my hammer drill which is actually a corded drill. The hammer drill I have featured is a cordless type. I know that most people are more fond of using cordless tools these days. So I start to drill into it and make a bunch of different holes thinking that I could then take my multi tool and cut the stuff out.

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I found out however that all I had to do was to start turning my drill bit as I was drilling and go sideways and up and over, basically just move it all different ways and it started just chewing all of the wood up like it was nothing. I was very impressed by how quickly the rest of the project went by after I discovered this way of doing it. I had been out there for hours for a couple days prior to this discovery doing it all different types of ways and had no major results. I even had 2 different men working at it with their hammer and chisels. Saying that would be the best way at hollowing out a stump that tough.

Shop Hammer Drill Bits

It took a little bit of a battle to convince the boyfriend to try it my way because he was swearing by the chisel and hammer being the only way we could clean it out properly and quickly. But I won in the end when I showed him how quickly I was clearing it out. I was just worn out by that time and my hammer drill arm had went capooey! So being right at the end of my project I had him come over and finish clearing it for me.

Even with how quickly the progress does come along with the right bit and a hammer drill, if you are not used to holding a hammer drill for a long period of time it will take it right out of your arm!


So the great thing about these Tree Stump Planters is that you can plant whatever type of plants you want in them. I chose the vining plant my daughter had given me for mother’s day this year because I had no where else to put it really, and I thought that it would do well in the environment of the tree stump. Especially with it coming with it’s own little trellis.

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So I drilled out 2 small holes and used my hot glue gun to glue the trellis legs down in the holes. Now my trellis is much more stable. So I guess we will see how it goes from here. And another plant that I am figuring might do very well in a tree stump would be hens and chicks as shown in the above ad.



These plants as shown above are very awesome plants! They are perennials, which means that they will come back year after year. And they spread out like wildfire. Not only that but they will grow almost anywhere, and with very minimal amount of soil. So this would mean that you do not have to hollow your tree stump out quite as deep as you would for other types of plants or flowers.

My Tree Stump In With My Front Yard Water Display

Now if you just really want this look for your yard and you are not into the whole going out and getting your own tree stump and carving it out, there is always the fake tree stump planter, that you can buy at amazon for relatively cheap.

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The Journey Begins

I was paralyzed a little over 5 years ago from the waist down. This happened to me because I was a heroin addict. I started on regular pain pills and gradually went to roxycodone. When the governmment started cracking down on controlled substances I then moved onto becoming a heroin addict because of how much cheaper and how much easier it was to acquire.
<br />

It  was an airborn infection from the needle I used that got me. It is like a 1 in a million chances of this happening. Pretty crazy odds I know, but it happened to me. My body did not fight off what it was supposed to fight off while I was injecting myself.  So this infection started taking over my entire body. It eventually lodged itself into my spinal cord. I woke up one day and could not move my legs.

Older iphone pics 496
Right after I got out of my spinal cord surgery which left me paralyzed from the waist down.

I was then taken to St Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis where they performed emergency spinal cord surgery on me. Which left me paralyzed from the waist down. I was very lucky to have not lost my life actually. If the infection had reached my heart there would have been nothing they could have done for me. My Dr’s did not actually say that I would never walk again, but they told me and my family not to get our hopes up. They told us this because of the amount of infection they had to remove from my spinal cord.

Older iphone pics 499

Me in my wheelchair at my youngest daughters high school graduation above.


I am not only walking again, I am walking unassisted. I do not have to even use a cane to walk. (Though it does help me walk better and not look like a drunk at times) I have also been off of the needle for over 3 years. I have no desire these days to use opiates. Even though I am now in way more pain than I ever was before this happened to me. I have been slowly trying to change my life around. It is very hard to change who you are after you have been that person for longer than you can remember.

Me and my oldest daughter Chelsea while she helped me at my first apt after being paralyzed

But it is possible! And it will not happen overnight. And you are not going to become a perfect person. You will still make mistakes. But you have to learn to forgive yourself for these mistakes and move on. Especially from all those mistakes and feelings of guilt from your past. If you don’t, then you will leave yourself open to being pulled right back into that old behavior and lifestyle.

I want to help others, but I don’t even pretend to act like I have all of the answers. And I am not perfect and will never be perfect. But I do know addicts and their behaviors. And I know what type of hell you live through as an addict. All the prejudisms that people have toward addicts. How they are treated by society. The government wants to treat addicts like they are criminals and punish them if they cannot control themselves with their drug of choice.


Well addiction is a disease. Do you get treated like a criminal for being a diabetic? Do you have to go live in a cage with murderers, child molesters, and other criminal types for not controlling your diabetes?


So forgive me for not feeling as though this is the answer or the way to help the problems this country is facing concerning addiction. Check out Netherlands Free Trade  they have going on. And what type of results they have had from doing this.

Netherlands Free Trade

I will post next time all about what it is for anyone who does not know what I am talking about or cannot find it.

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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DiY Concrete Planter

Rag Dipped in Concrete and then turned into a planter

This DiY project is really pretty simple. It is not at all hard to do as long as you get your rag positioned right while it is drying. The first time I ever tried to do this project I completely screwed it up. Actually I didn’t just screw it up one time, I screwed it up a couple more times before I finally got one right. I was not putting the rag over the right thing according to it’s size.

Scrap Material

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So all you have to do for this to turn out right is to get you some old rags and get your concrete mixture ready. Everything that I have watched concerning any type of concrete project has said to use one part concrete to 2 parts sand. Add your water and you are in there and done. Personally I have found that when I added sand like they say to, my stuff does not come out the way that I am expecting. So I did not add much sand when I did this and it actually turned out the way I was wanting it to.

Cement Planter


So anyway I mixed up my concrete in my wheelbarrow and made sure that I had enough in it to cover the fabric I was getting ready to put in. Which I would suggest using a scrap piece of fabric that is not really big. You do not want any really long pieces jotting out because they will not harden properly.

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So you get your scrap fabric and you will dip it into the concrete. Making sure that you cover every single inch of it. You don’t want to leave any dry spots on it at all. Which brings me to the cement texture that you want. You definitely do not want your cement to be too thick. It will do much better and be much better to work with if it if a little bit runny.

Once you get your scrap fabric all the way wet with your concrete mixture, you will then take it and spread it out over something like an old mcdonald’s cup. Or any kind of cup will do. It sort of depends on your personal preference on how you want your planter to turn out. And it may take you a few tries before you get it to harden just right. But you will get it before you know it. And they really are very neat little planters for any type of plant that you may want to put in them.


And you will definitely want to let your wet material lay over your cup for at least one full day to make sure that it is all the way hardened. So good luck and happy planter making!

Night Stand Transformation

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Before Picture

Picture of nightstand before
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2909.jpg
After pictures

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So all that I had to do was to sand down the entire nightstand.

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I then took some white paint and some dark blue paint that I had around the house and proceeded to paint the entire nightstand.

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I then painted the knobs on the drawers. And whala! You have a totally updated nightstand for your bedroom. Check out the link above if you would prefer to just go with completely new type of knobs for your nightstand transformation. Check out pictures below of my nightstand after it was done.


After Pictures


DiY Epoxy Beach Scene Sandal With Magnet Inside

So for this project I actually started out with not really a clue what I was going to do with it. I had a vague idea of what I was going for. But as I got going I decided to change it around a little and see what would come of it. So as I got going on it I decided to put it at a slant while it was drying. And this was how it came out. The looking like a sandal was never my intentions, but it ended up being pretty cool nontheless.

So I have provided links below to what you will need in order to tackle this little project.

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  1. Epoxy Resin
  2. Mixing tools for epoxy
  3. Old jug of hawaiian punch
  4. scissors
  5. Sand
  6. Seashells
  7. Plastic plant (your choice)
  8. Magnet
  9. Clock (optional)

So what you will want to do is to get your empty hawaiian punch jug and cut some of it off. With it laying on its side you would cut from the mouth of it over. Then when you have your top part cut out to where you can get your hands down in there, you will start adding your stuff to it.

First take your sand and spread it all around where your floor area will be. Then you will want to make sure and bury your magnet in the sand. Then you will start adding your seashells and any plants that you want to put in there. I just put the one plastic plant in mine. But the skys the limit on decor for it. You can add whatever you would like to add to it.

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Once all of your seashells are in place you will then start adding your epoxy. And you will want to add enough epoxy where all of your sand is submerged. Some of it will be soaked up by the sand. So you will want to let it do its thing and then add a little bit more. Once you have it where you think it should be, then you will want to find a good place for it to dry. Preferably on some plastic, so it does not stick. Just in case you get some of it outside of your plastic shell.

Once all of your seashells are in place you will then start adding your epoxy. And you will want to add enough epoxy where all of your sand is submerged. Some of it will be soaked up by the sand. So you will want to let it do its thing and then add a little bit more. Once you have it where you think it should be, then you will want to find a good place for it to dry. Preferably on some plastic, so it does not stick. Just in case you get some of it outside of your plastic shell.

Then you will just want to lean it. Get something to support it underneath. So as that it is not level. And once you get it where you think it should be, just leave it be and let it dry all of the way. You should probably let it dry for 24 hours at least. Granted it will be hard in probably less than 12 hours when you touch it. But it could still be a little bit gooey down in there. So it is best to really make sure it is all the way set before messing with it.

Picture showing when it is done and the items that are magnetized to it.

So once your 24 hours are up you will want to get in there and tear away all of the plastic from it. And remember that you are not using a traditional mold that you buy online. So it may be a little bit of a fight to get the plastic peeled away from all of it. I used a razor knife to cut the plastic, and then I would get a pair of pliers or needle nose pliers to grab the plastic and just peel it back. Like they do with those sardines in the can.

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Granted I will not touch a sardine with a ten foot pole, but I have seen it done before. And the concept is all the same. Then once you have all of your plastic off you are done with it. If you used a strong enough magnet then you should be able to magnetize on both sides of your sandal. And if you want to hang it up somewhere, all you would have to do is get you a skinny drill bit and drill you a hole in it. Wherever you would want your screw to go in at.

So while this project is a little different from your ordinary epoxy projects, I think that it is pretty neat on how it turned out. I was actually thinking of putting mine with the poem “Footprints in the sand” somewhere around it. Just because mine does remind me of a foot. Or a sandal. Whichever way you want to look at it. Yours may not turn out looking like a sandal. It may turn out looking like a completely different object. But that is the fun of working with epoxy. You never know sometimes what you will end up with. So good luck and have fun with it!


You Could Cash In Today With Your Used College Textbooks! Find Out How!

Picture of a boy with textbooks in one hand and cash in the other
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So if you are needing some extra money to get yourself through the month here is your solution if you have any old college textbooks laying around your house. I know that for my first couple of years of taking classes I would just put my textbook up on an old bookshelf, or under the bed if I didn’t have room. And I would just forget about it. Until the next time I happened to be in that particular area, and saw them again.

So finally one day someone mentions to me about how you can sell your books either online, or back to your school. So I started checking into who was buying my particular books, and how much they were paying for those books. So I would go online and check out how much every particular place was paying for my books. And try to sell so many to whichever place offered the most for them, and some to another place that may be offering more for one of my books.


It was a job at times I tell you. So my recommendation to you would be to pick a place that you like and they treat you good. And just sell what you can to that place. And I know that we are all worried these days about being scammed when doing anything at all online. So here is the good news for you. I already went through all of that for everyone, and I can now recommend Booksrun to you with no hesitation at all. I have sold books to this company a few different times back when I was in school and had a lot of college textbooks to get rid of.

And I never had any problems with them at all. I was so ok with them that I became an affiliate with them. So yes any qualified purchase or sale that may come of you clicking on my links, I may be making a small commission off of it. Now I have the legal stuff out of the way.

But you should definitely get in there and put your ISBN numbers from your books in and just see what they may offer you. It will not hurt you to just check it out. Even if they are buying your particular book you put in, it is all up to you on whether you decide to sell it to them or not in the end. So you have nothing to lose. Except money if you don’t try!

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Free Bathroom Sink Tile Makeover

So for this project I used all free tiles that I had gotten from my local flooring stores dumpster. The place that we go and check out every so often is actually just like 3 blocks from my trailer. And the place does not care if you get in there and get things out of their dumpster. So long as you do not make a mess. And do not disturb any of the neighbors of course.

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So most of the pieces that I used for this project all came from sample tiles that they had thrown away. Anytime that the place discontinues some of their products they will throw away all of the sample pieces that they had for it. And so when I was lucky enough to get the sample boards I would take them home and take all of the sample pieces off of them.


Once I had them off of the sample boards I then picked out the ones that I thought would go the best with my bathroom. And the ones that I thought would fit together along my sink to cover the entire area. And once I had all the best pieces for my project, I then started to lay them out all over my sink. Moving them around to position them in the best spots. Once I got them all laid out and looking the way that I wanted them to look, I then got my flooring glue out and started gluing them to my sink.

After I got all of the pieces glued down, I let them dry overnight. The next day I then started to grout all of the areas in between my tile pieces. I once again used some free grout that I had gotten from the dumpster. We had pulled out like 9 bags of grout that they had thrown away one night. And granted some of the bags ended up being bad. But a lot of the bags were still good. And so I used some of the grout that was good and grouted the entire sink area. Making sure that I had all of my lines in between each piece good and level with my grout.

My bathroom sink with the tile pieces I had just laid on it
My bathroom sink after I laid tiles on it
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After I got all of my grout in, I then took a wet sponge and wiped all of my grout lines until they were smooth and even all the way through. I then let all of it dry for 24 hours. Once everything was all the way dried and set I then put grout sealer on all of my grout lines. And I think that it turned out great! Especially for it being one of my first projects for grouting. I have been self teaching myself how to lay tile and how to grout.

And I have to say that besides working with epoxy, grouting would be one of my favorite projects to do. I really love laying tile and then grouting it. I cannot wait to do a shower area. It will be a lot harder to do a wall. Keeping your tiles up on the wall will be a lot more of a challenge than just laying the tile on a floor or a sink. But harder or not I am very anxious to try my hand at it. And just like everything else I do, I will get better at it as I go I am sure.


So when I do post my first wall that I do with tile and grout, it may end up being a bit comical! But I will post it nevertheless. And then hopefully my projects after it will keep getting better and better. So hopefully you like this project and decide to try something like it. It has really made my bathroom sink look so much better. And it was fun to do. So good luck and happy projecting!

Tic Tok Videos Of Little Lick

So here is the part 2 of little lick, our 3 legged dog who is very, very, opinionated. He has been getting better and better at his ability to communicate with us. He try’s to say I love you and I have even heard him say no.

He has had a helluva life so far with having to have his leg removed when he was just 9 months old. And he ended up with my mother when I went to prison years ago.

And then ended up coming back home to us about 4 years ago when my mom decided to get rid of him because all of her dogs were more than she can handle. So check out little lick on tic tok if you like dogs and like the funny things that they do.


How To Pack And Move Your Hanging Clothes In BeastMode Style!

My daughter demonstrates how to get your clothes that are on hangers ready for the move.

So I was helping my daughter move out of her boyfriends house this week and I discovered an awesome way to move your hang up clothes! I can’t believe I have never thought to do it this way actually.

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So you will need to have a bunch of heavy duty trash bags and that is it. The great thing is that you can reuse the trash bags when you are done with your moving!

And the number of trash bags you will need is all going to depend on how many hanging clothes that you have to move.

So what you will do is gather a bunch of your hanging clothes close together ( the ones you want to put in the same trash bag) and start at the bottom of your clothes and put them in your trash bag. Just keep stuffing everything into the bag as you are pulling the bag all the way up.

Your trash bag should come all the way up to your hangers. Then you can take the ties of your trash bag and wrap one side over your hangersand the other side comes over your hangers also. And you are done. You could also pull your trash bag strings tight if you want to.

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Wooden Cross And River Rock Set In Epoxy Resin


Wooden Cross Set In Epoxy And River Rocks

This is a custom made wooden cross that I burnt on the ends and then set it in river rocks and epoxy resin. Absolutely beautiful and could be used for many different things. I have mine just sitting on my coffee table.


So for this little project I found a wooden cross at my local thrift store, and wanted to do something with it. I thought it was awesome the way it was so simple and plain. So we decided one day to burn the ends of it and cover it with epoxy.

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That way it would always be protected and it would make it look really good! So after I got done with the epoxy coat over it, I decided that it would look really awesome if it had some of the river rock all around it. So I took one of my plastic forms that I had saved just for epoxy projects, and put my cross and my river rocks in it.

I just positioned my cross in the very center, and then laid the rocks all around it until I filled up every bit of extra space. And then I mixed my epoxy up. Making sure that it was very equal parts. Otherwise you will be left with a very sticky mess that will never cure.

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a wooden cross laid out with pebbles surrounding it, and the entire thing is set in epoxy resin

I then poured my epoxy into my form and made sure I filled up every corner until it was all the same depth throughout. After I shook it around a few times to make sure that everything had settled, I then took my torch to the surface to get out any air bubbles that had formed. Once I had my air bubbles all the way out, I then let it sit on a level surface to cure.

I let it sit overnight just to be safe. The next day I checked it out and it was very solid when I poked my finger at it. So I started to pry it out of my plastic mold. Taking a knife and pushing it down into the sides of it. After I was able to break loose the epoxy from the plastic all the way around, it then was easy to pull it on out of there.

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If you use old plastic containers or lids like I use for molds, then you probably won’t be able to use them too many times before they will break, or you end up poking holes in them. But that is why I use things like old Gatorade bottles, or lids for empty oatmeal containers. They are free basically and I can come up with all different sizes and shapes for my molds. So if they get ruined by me trying to get my epoxy project out, it’s not that big of a deal.

I was only going to throw it away anyhow. So after I got my cross out of its mold, I then just trimmed some of the extra epoxy off of the edges. Making sure that it was all level all the way around my cross and rocks.

a wooden cross set in river rock and epoxy

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And that is it with the making of this project. They are not hard to make. You just need the right supplies and if you don’t mind working with epoxy resin (which is sticky as all get out) then you will be right in there.

8 Must Have Storage And Organization Items

Hanging Baskets

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So who doesn’t like baskets? I have a basket for this, and a basket for that around my home. Hell I will make up a basket out of nothing at all sometimes!

It is getting pretty bad when you get to a point where you are creating your own baskets, out of things that were never meant to be baskets in the first place!

I have a way of getting busy and the next thing you know I have no room left around me. And my entire work area is a janked up mess!


So I either start throwing everything into whatever I can get it into, or start tunneling through my trailer like a prairie dog!

So instead of becoming like a prairie dog, I usually proceed to start throwing everything into whatever I can reasonably get it into. Thinking that later on I will put it away and get it better organized.

Nice thought huh? It’s amazing how life just gets ahead of us sometimes. And you just can’t ever seem to get caught back up.

So first on my list of favorite storage items is baskets. They are great in every room of your home and will help you organize almost anything! And the ones I have up above are especially awesome. Because, not only do they look good, but they are not going to take up any extra space.

Since they are hanging baskets, they will save you some extra space wherever you may be needing it.

Next on my list of favorite storage items would be the storage box. As shown below.

Shop Storage Boxes Now

This is the perfect item for helping you get organized with the smaller items around your home.

It doesn’t matter if it’s earrings that you are needing to organize, or beads for project making, that seem to be everywhere.

This storage box will help you store away nice and neatly anything you may have going on around you. I have everything under the sun kept in mine most of the time.

Shop Thread Holders Now!

This thread holder is a must have for anyone who likes to sew. In the beginning of my sewing days I didn’t have one and I had thread going everywhere!

It was so hard to find what I was looking for, and hard to store it all away. Once I discovered the thread holder I was able to get my stuff a lot more organized. Which made me much happier and more willing to go into my craft room to start sewing.

Shop Pro Knitting Bag

Here is the pro case knitting bag in my list of favorite things to get yourself organized. They call it the knitting bag, but I use it for my crocheting bag, as well as my spare fabric bag.

And has it ever helped me get myself organized in that area of crafting. If you are an avid crafter, who likes to do crafts in many different areas, this is a must have. For at least one of your areas of crafts will be nice and organized!

Shop Storage Cabinets

So the above rolling storage cabinet for your craft supplies is definitely on my wish list. Talk about getting a person organized with their craft items!

I have been wanting to get one of these for a while now. So if you happen to know someone in your life who likes to do crafts, and you were trying to decide on what to get them for Christmas, here it is! The perfect Christmas present!


Shop Laptop Stands

The laptop stand is a favorite of mine because I am the type who likes to keep my laptop right in the living room area. Because I want it to be easy to use and easy to store, when It’s not being used. And because I am lazy sometimes and just don’t like to have to put it up anywhere!

Since I like keeping my laptop out in the open area of the living room. This laptop holder was perfect for me.

It’s nice looking and it gives my laptop a home in the living room. And it is easier to use it when I am sitting in my favorite chair.

And what is extra nice about it, is the fact that it is portable. So it’s also easy to take it with you to the bedroom or anywhere else in the house.

So if you know someone who has a laptop and they just have it laying around the living room, this would make the perfect Christmas present for them.

Shop Trunk Organizer

So the above item (trunk storage case) is one that has definitely helped me get my car back in order! My car can definitely get itself out of sorts really quick!

I don’t even know how it happens but one day it will be clean and the next it will be a hot mess! So if your car is anything like mine, getting itself unorganized at the drop of a hat, then you definitely will want to have this item.

Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in your car, what time you do spend in it I’m sure you would like it to be nice and organized when you do get into it.

So rather than your car being a hot mess, with you scrambling around, looking for things most of the time. You can get this trunk storage case, and keep your time in your car, a more organized and pleasant experience.

Shop Garage Storage Cabinets

So the above garage cabinet is another one that is definitely on my wish list! This thing would definitely get a person organized with all of their main tools and outside gear. While also looking very good.

So I probably won’t be getting this wish list item of mine in time for christmas. But I am sure that many of you know someone out there who would love it. And this thing would be an awesome Christmas present!


How To Get Your Temporary Teeth Working For You

close up shot of justin's teeth showing how he has fixed his missing front tooth
The after picture of justin
close up of justin's teeth showing ho9w he was missing his front tooth
The before picture of Justin

So a lot of us have been there with the missing tooth problem. I know that when my front tooth broke off one fine summer day, I literally thought I would die!


So I was lucky and I had a friend who helped me pay for the dentist bill which was $500! They pulled my other front tooth and put me in a partial. I know that those 2 days I had to walk around missing a front tooth was just awful!

I wouldn’t smile at anyone. And I would hold my hand over my mouth when I talked. Trying to be sure and hide my hideous missing front tooth. As the years have went by I have had more problems with my teeth and had to get a bigger partial basically.

Then my teeth got bad on the sides of my partial. Where you can see them pretty bad. And due to my insurance I cannot get full dentures on the top without having to walk around for 2-3 months without my teeth. Unless I was to buy a temporary for the time without teeth. And of course they were expensive and I would have to pay for them.

So I started trying those temporary teeth that you see advertised everywhere. Some of the names are snap on teeth, and Billy bob gag teeth. Which I guess aren’t so much of a gag these days.

So I tried 2 different types of the cheaper ones. They were a little bit different in the way they were, but not much. Same basic theory. And let me tell you that I had so many problems with those things! I couldn’t get them right for nothing. It didn’t matter how many times I would try it, they just wouldn’t cooperate with me.

I finally ended up saying forget it and throwing them into my back drawer somewhere.

Shop Temporary Teeth Replacement

Until one day an old friend stopped by. And as we were talking we got on the subject of his teeth. He started smiling really big at us and right off it was very obvious he had gotten his teeth fixed.

But of course he had not actually gotten them fixed. He was using one of the same type of temporary teeth deals that I now had chilling in the back of my drawer.

So after talking to him about how good they looked and how he did it, I then decided to give them another try. So I then ordered a bunch of single teeth replacements. I got a whole bag of them for like $20. All of them being the white pellets.

Which is what my friend said he was using. Saying that it was easier to work with those than it was the pink stuff they give you with your snap on smile, or whatever type that you purchase.

When you get the entire temporary tooth replacement kit you will usually get a mold, a strip of pink stuff that you are supposed to get hot and use it for molding your own teeth. Along with your missing teeth. Then you also get these white pellets that you are supposed to put in the place of your missing teeth.

So after talking to my friend I decided to go straight to the white pellets. So when I got them i admit I was still a little bit worried as to whether I could make mine turn out right like my friend did. And of course right off the rip I got some of them stuck in my mouth!


And I do mean stuck! The white pellets after they were softened in some hot water were great at conforming around my teeth. Until they were in there a little too well. So once again I always have to do things the hard way first!

The story of my life. So to shorten this a little bit, I will jump right into our model i have featured on this post.

And that is the boyfriend. Aka justin. So after I got him to actually try the temporary teeth, I couldn’t get him to put them down! He loved them. And unlike me he didn’t have a partial to deal with. Just a couple of missing teeth. That he detested.

Shop Temporary Teeth Now

So we decided to do a video of him showing people how to properly work with these white pellets until you get the results you are looking for. And so he shows us in the video that I will later leave a link for, that you first want to get some hot water and make sure it’s very hot for your pellets to go into. You may even want to have it boiling.

Just be sure that you don’t just send them straight to your mouth. They are going to be a little bit hot at first. So your best bet would be to wait just a few seconds to let them cool slightly. And then put them into your mouth.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image_62463026-6322-4dd1-b328-be1a1f70f3d9.img_2252.jpg
The after picture of justin
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2257.jpg
The before picture of Justin

You also will want to use at least 5-7 pellets for each tooth you are trying to replace. In the instructions of one of the snap on teeth I had gotten, it said to use 1 white pellet for each tooth you were missing. Well I have to say that 1 is no where near enough. At least it wasn’t for me or Justin. Now you may be different and prefer less pellets. Just try it out and see what fits you the best.

Shop Temporary Teeth Now

So after you get your white pellets melted down and are ready to get started with your mold, you will take it and start putting it up into the tooth that you are wanting to fix. You will have to work with it in order to get it just right. And it will take time and practice to really get it to turn out how you want it.
I can’t tell you how many times I have had to put them right back into the hot water and start over. And the same thing with Justin. He has about drove me nuts with his obsession to get them to look just perfect.
And he has pretty much perfected the temporary teeth that goes into his missing teeth area’s. As you can tell by the picture above.

So I will also say that you will probably want to work pretty fast. These pellets will definitely start to harden pretty quickly. So you won’t have a whole lot of time to get the mold just right. But after you do it so many times and get better at it, you will have no problems with the time frame.

Once you get your tooth all the way right and fitting in there the way you want it, you will then want to take it out and drop it into some cold water. Let it cool so that it hardens all the way. And be sure to not let them stay in your mouth for too long or they may harden and become like mine did. Impossible to get out! I finally was able to get mine out, but it did take some very hot water and a lot of prying. So just be aware. Probably no longer than 2 minutes do you want to leave them in there.

Then after you get your tooth fitting up in your empty area you will want to take it and put it into a bowl of cold water. This will cause your mold to really harden. After it is all the way cool and hardened, you will be able to insert it into your missing tooth area. And if you have done it right it will snap right in there just like the commercial say’s “snap on teeth”.

If you get them all the way right you can even eat with them and you will have no problems. I will say that the more that you eat and drink with them, the sooner they will end up falling out.

We have to remember that this is only a temporary solution for your missing teeth. If you want something permanent then you would have to go to the dentist or go somewhere where you can get dentures made or a partial made. But anytime you are going to go with a permanent solution to your teeth, then you are looking at a lot of money also.

So that is why these temporary replacement teeth are such a great thing. Great for people who do not have the money to go and have their teeth fixed. Or people who just maybe are afraid of going to the dentist. Yet they hate running around with missing teeth in their mouths.


So for only $20 you can have the smile that you have been missing. Which will help with your confidence. I know it definitely help me with my confidence. And it most definitely helped Justin with his missing tooth. He now runs around smiling all the time and telling everybody to look at his teeth so that he can brag about how he did it his self. And tell everyone we know how cheaply he did it. So good luck and I hope that some of you out there will try these temporary replacements. You will be amazed by the results!

As an Amazon associate I may make a small fee for any qualifying sales that may result from my links

DiY Jacket & Glove Holder With Clock

So for this project I ended up using flooring pieces that had been thrown away at the local flooring dumpster. We had found a bunch of pieces of hardwood flooring that I really liked a lot. I wanted to use them in some way for one of my projects.


I just wasn’t for sure what or where to use them.

Until the other day when I was messing around with the same pieces and had them staggered as I was arranging them around. I was like those look really awesome that way.

Then I saw the exact same thing I had done on Pinterest that night. And it was a coat holder that was for sale for like $200!

So I of course was like I can make that! I mean it was the exact same placing of the wood pieces as I had just had mine in the day before.

Picture in black and white

I decided to try something different with mine however. I decided that I wanted to put a small clock into mine. I had never actually seen a coat rack like these that had a clock in them.

I am not saying that there are none out there somewhere. Its just that I personally have never seen one. And as I was thinking about it I thought that it would be a great idea to put a clock right there with all of your outside attire.

I mean what are you always worried about normally when you are getting your jacket, gloves, and hat on? The time of course. I know that I always am asking or wondering what time it is while I am getting everything on and looking for my keys.

Reason being is because I am usually running late and I really have to keep track of exactly how late I am becoming! So I decided to start my project of diy coat rack but make it a little more exclusive for me.

So I put in a clock, gloves holder, and a place for your keys. I decided that I wanted a coat holder that would have everything that I need in one spot, right before I walk out the door. one that had everything I needed on it. That way it’s like a one stop deal right before I walk out the door.

And having the clock in there is definitely a great thing when it comes to one stop before heading out the door. I don’t have to go looking for my phone, or the watch that I forgot to put on, right before I am ready to head out. It’s right there by my coat, my gloves, and my car keys. I can glance at it as I am getting everything on. It really is great and useful to me.


So if you would like to try this project for yourself, here is a list of the things you will need. And I have also included some pictures and links tp some of the items I used for this project or have used on other projects that could be useful when trying to do this project.

As an amazon affiliate I may earn a small commission from any qualified sales that result from my links.

1. Wood pieces (6-7)

Shop Pallet Pieces

2. luon board. You will need a piece of this very thin board for your back. So it needs to be the size of what your coat holder will be.

Shop Lauan Boards

3. Drill and short & medium size screws. And you will need to have a bit for drilling your holes out as well as having a bit for your screws.

Shop Drills Now

4. Jacket hooks

Shop Hooks

5. Clock workings

6. Plastic piece to pull your twine through for your gloves.

7. Twine

Shop Twine

8. Thicker rope. (This is only if you want to go around the edges of yours, or if you want to use the rope for hanging it)

9. Clothespins


10. Fairy Lights (if you want to run lights along the top of your coat rack)

Shop Fairy Lights

So I started with my lauan boards and used them to secure my floor pieces to. The lauan boards are thin pieces of wood that resemble osb boards or plywood.

Lauan Board on the back of my coat rack

And it is your choice if you want to use something like the lauan boards or if you want to use something a little more stout. Some people put these types of projects on much thicker pallet type pieces.

Once I had all of my pieces of wood where I wanted them to be, I just started securing them to my lauan board with short screws.

It’s just whether you want to work with something not as stout and secure it more towards the end. Or if you want something very stout to start with when it comes to your attaching of the floor pieces. I just used my multi tool to go around the back of it and cut the lauan board to fit around my wood floor pieces. Which I laid out in a random up and down pattern.

I really didn’t think about it when I started on mine. I had a lot of pieces of the thin wood material, and so I used it I did have to go over the back of it with another piece to make it more stable at the end.

And putting another piece helped to hide a lot of the screws and nails that I had used to secure everything.

Here is a picture of the back of mine. Showing the thin wood that I used to secure everything onto mine.

So after you have your boards attached to whichever backing you choose to use, and you have cut away any extra lauan boards that are showing, you will want to start getting your hole ready for your clock.

Shop Drill Bits

I used a bulova clock i had gotten from goodwill for mine. It was actually in a little wooden mantle when I got it. So I just took it out of the mantle it came in and used it for this project.

Shop Clock Parts

I laid the clock where I wanted it to be on my coat rack, and I drew a circle around it making sure it was the exact size of my clock face. I then proceeded to make my cut into the boards so I could get it started for my jigsaw to then take over.

Shop Jigsaws

When using a jigsaw you will have to have a small spot cut out first so you can get your jigsaw blade down in it. Then when you have your jigsaw blade down in the hole you can usually just turn it on and start cutting your hole out.

Now you will want to get your hooks you are using for your coats to hang on. And position them on your board wherever you want your coats to hang at. Make sure that you use heavy duty enough hooks for hanging the types of coats and attire you will be using them for. Here is a link for some good coat holding hooks through amazon. Click Here

Next you will want to get some twine and clothespins. Find something to run your twine through that will also screw to your board. I actually used a plastic piece that is meant for holding down cords in your home. They have 2 nails in them normally that you would nail into the wall or floor to keep a cord in place. I just altered them a little bit by taking out the nails and putting twine through them. Then I just used screws to attach it to my board. There are many things that you can use. As long as you are able to get the twine hanging down and attached to your clothespins then you are good to go.

And you will just want to run your twine through it while making sure to attach your clothespins on each side of it. And you can put as many hooks as you want to. Just depends on your preference on how many pairs of gloves or mittens you are planning on hanging on them.

As you can see in picture above the gloves are being held with twine and clothespins

Now once you have your hooks fastened into the places that you want them to go, and you have your mitten holder done, you will want to string your fairy lights along the top of your coat rack. Or however you would like to hang them. You could go all the way around the coat holder if you wanted to. It’s just a matter of personal preference once again.

Your last step will be to attach another piece of lauan board onto the back of your coat rack in order to hide all of the screws and mess ups you may have showing when done. Cut around it so that it fits your coat rack without any of it being seen when looking at it. Then secure your rope at the top of it and put your shelf bracket holders onto the back of it, and then you are done!

Well unless of course you would want to stain the back of your coat rack. I am probably going to stain mine eventually so that it does look better. But for the time being I decided to hold off on it since no one will be seeing the back of it anyways. So I hope that someone out there decides to try this project out and hopefully I have been of some help on how to do one. I am not the best at these things yet, but I am trying to be more thorough when I post a DiY how to project on here.

And I do have to say that I love my coat rack with clock and glove holder. It helps me when leaving to know the time and having all of my winter attire in one area. Which keeps me a little more organized in my life. So good luck and happy projecting!

And don’t forget to follow my blog if you liked this project and would like to see more like this!

6 Awesome Ways To Display Things In Your Home

Two toned wall after I got it done

1. This first project , the two toned wall, is one I had tried a while back on my back wall. I think that this is an awesome way to be able to display more of your pretties. In an area that you would not have been able to do this with before.

Hf refresh c3 300x250
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If you have limited space and you are trying not to have to put a piece of furniture in a certain area, then this two toned shelfing will be perfect for you.

After you are done with this project you will now have space to put candles, nic nacks, or even to display part of your favorite books from your library. All without having to put a shelf or table down on the floor. Which would have taken up more of your precious space you might be trying to save.

Ladder shelf I built on the wall in my living room

2. Here is a ladder shelf that I made for my living room area. This thing is ideal when you are working with limited space in your home. I have 4 shelves on it and they help out a lot with being able to display some of my pictures and pretties I have.

A lot of my pretties would not have been able to be displayed in my living room had I not constructed this ladder shelf.

Hf refresh c3 300x250
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I even was able to put my printer on the bottom shelf so I can now have it right there by my favorite chair and working area in my trailer.

Wrought iron candle holder I turned into a picture holder

3. This wrought iron candle holder was not being used because I really could not find the room for it in my home. So since I couldn’t find anywhere to display it I decided to try using it as a holder for one of my collages I had done of my daughter.

It turned out very well I thought. It gives you a different type of look when it comes to displaying your favorite photos. And you can actually have it sitting on a table while holding your favorite picture, or have it up on the wall. Either way you go it will look really good and it’s a different look than you normally see.

My tree branch turned into a necklace and bracelet display

4. Here is a tree branch that I turned into a jewelry display. This is a very easy and cheap way to display your favorite necklaces and bracelets. All you have to do is find the perfect tree branch for your own jewelry and do a few minor fixes to it, and it’s ready to go.

Hf refresh c3 300x250
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A seashell I had laying around

5. Here is a mirror that I put into one of my seashells that I had laying around my place. I needed a mirror and the epoxy stand I had made was in front of me with my large seashell on it . So I positioned the mirror into the seashell to hold it for me.

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And after that I decided to make it permanent. So I hot glued my mirror into the seashell since it seemed to work so well as a mirror holder.

6. Here is a different way to display and store your favorite sunglasses. All I did was cut triangle shape 45’s made of wood to fit in the corner.

As I made my little shelves I just kept going up in size. I started at the top where I wanted my first one to be. And then just made my way down the corner where I wanted them to be. Just increasing the size of each one by just a little bit.

Then I screwed each one of them into the wall. Securing each one with at least 2 small screws. Then when you have your screws all in you would want to add a screw or nail in the very front of each one of your small shelves. This will help to keep your sunglasses on each individual shelf.

Without putting something on each shelf to help secure them, I was not able to get my sunglasses to stay on the shelves. So you can use whatever you would like on the shelves to help secure your glasses. There are many different ways that you can do it I am sure.

So I hope that you liked my different ways of displaying my items at home and my space saving techniques. Follow my blog if you would like to have more ideas for your home or would like to see more of my projects.


Concrete Hideaway

Different colors of square tiles on round concrete surface
My concrete hideaway

So for this project you will need

1. Concrete or grout

2. Tile pieces or colored rock pieces

3. An old bottle that had a screw on cap

4. Sandpaper

5. Grout sealer (if you use grout)

6. A large metal bowl

7. Pam cooking spray

I actually did this one with grout. I did my first one with concrete. And I have to say that either one will work fine.

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So you will want to get your large metal bowl and spray it really well with a non stick cooking spray. It doesn’t matter if it’s pam or a generic brand. This will help you get your mushroom head out of the bowl.

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Now you will want to position your pieces of tile in the bottom of the bowl face down. You probably can’t get too creative with your pieces of tile. Mainly because you don’t have too much room at the bottom of your bowl. And you will want to position them in a nice looking style but remember that you will have to pour the grout or cement on top of them.

Shop Tile Pieces Now!

So you will risk them moving around if you are not really careful. So you will want to keep it simple and pour very slow.

As you will notice on mine that I don’t have them completely finished. I will probably have to go over them and grout in the lines that you can see. I think that will make them look much better, and more stable. That way they don’t slowly just chip away. Until you would start losing pieces of your tile. Once that happens it wouldn’t be long until you lose the entire thing.

So after you get your tiles positioned the way you want, you will now want to mix your grout or concrete. I mixed up about half a bowl full of grout for mine. It was a large mixing bowl that I used for the mixing of my grout.

You don’t want your mixture to be too runny or too thick. Just try and get it about right in the middle. Mine was actually a little bit thick. I had to spoon my grout mixture out and throw the spoonfuls onto the tiles. So I would say to go a little bit thicker than thinner. It makes it easier to get it out and get it over your tiles without messing anything up.

Once you cover your tiles and get your mixture filling up the bottom of your metal bowl, you will then want to get your bottle with the screw on cap.

Take your cap top off and then insert your bottle into the mixture. Filling up your bottle to just below the neck of the bottle. The entire part of the screw on part of the bottle should be submerged.

Once it is dry it will then screw out of your mushroom head made of grout. Once your bottle is in your mixture you will want to make sure it is straight as it dries.

round concrete piece with a hole in it and a bottle beside it

I would let it dry for at least 1-2 days. I got mine out after 1 day. It was dry pretty much but the tile part on the bottom has now become the top. And my top was still a little bit wet.

So I let it then sit and dry for another 12 hours. Because I didn’t want to mess it up by moving it around too much before it had cured all the way.

Once your project is all the way dried and feeling pretty stable to you, you will then take it out of your metal bowl. And you will probably have to take something sharp around the edges of your bottle top to make sure that it will start turning with no problems.

I used a screw to actually get in there and dig around the bottle. Once I got it all loosened up, I then unscrewed my bottle out of my form to make sure everything was good.

Now you can put whatever you want in the bottle part and then put it outside in your yard or garden area.

You can use this project as your hiding spot in 2 different ways. You can just sit it outside. Making it mesh in with your other pretty garden pieces. It looks like a little mushroom sitting out there amongst everything else.


Or you can dig a hole in your yard and bury the bottle part in the ground. Leaving the decorated part on top of the ground. Then it will appear as if you just have a concrete piece out there for the decorating of your yard.


And no one will ever guess that you have something buried right under it holding your important items. So this project would be an awesome way of hiding a spare key for your house in.

Whatever you hide in your mushroom will be kept weatherproof also. I couldn’t believe it when I put some things in my first one and buried the stuff out in my yard for a few days. When I checked on my things a few days later I found them to be perfectly dry. And it had been raining out. So this is an awesome way to hide any little valuable that you may not be wanting anyone to know that you have. So have fun with this project should you decide to try it. It’s a very easy project to do and actually comes in very handy for your secret hideaway for valuables.

Ocean Scene Epoxy Picture

My piece of wood prior to working on it

So I started this project out with a piece of wood that had actually been cut out for a lazy susan. I found it in the local flooring store dumpster along with a lazy susan.

This piece was actually cut perfectly for making a lazy susan and so it looked like a round piece of wood with a quarter section taken out. But since I was not needing a lazy susan I went ahead and cut the board in half. Leaving me with a decent canvas to work with.

My piece of wood as I was adding real sand to it

I then mixed up my resin and added my sand to it. Making it pretty thick. But not so thick as to where it wouldn’t spread well. And I took my sand and spread it all along the flat bottom side of my wood piece. Making it appear to be a beach area.

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I actually took some of my epoxy spray paint and sprayed it on top of my sand in order to help seal my sand in place, and to give it different colors. I used the darker color around the edges where the water would be coming in and the light colors for the rest of it.

Shop Epoxy Spray Paint Now!
What it looked like as I added my epoxy with green food coloring to it
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I then added my epoxy resin with green coloring added to it. And then I added some blue at the top. Though it appeared to be very pretty when you looked at it I ended up changing my colors just because it appeared to me as looking like algae would when the green color of the water hit the shoreline. I don’t know whether I am just crazy or if it really was looking like algae, but either way I bailed on the greenish colors that met with my sand.

What it looked like as I added some blue to it


So as you can see below here I added a blue to it and flooded the entire picture with my blue and white colors to overtake the green.

As I changed my mind and decided to go with blues and white

So I then put a whole thin coat of resin over the entire picture. And then went through with my tinted white resin in thin lines. Which I then used my blow dryer to push the white and clear resin around.

This is to create your appearance of the waves. I am very new to working with epoxy and ocean scenes. So I am still trying to get my waves just right. I always seem to put too much white or something.

As I was getting more of the white added for the waves effect
The 3rd day when I added more clear epoxy and white to it. Trying to get the waves right

So I also did my picture here in layers. Which I think gives you more depth when doing epoxy resin ocean scenery. So what I did was I let my blue and whites dry and then went over them with the clear epoxy and white epoxy. Pushed them around with my blow dryer and then let them cure for another day.

And this is after I let the clear epoxy and epoxy tinted with white in it dry.

And though I am not done with this piece yet, I figured I would post it and then update it later when I figure out exactly what I want to do with it.

Some epoxy enamel spray paint that I picked up at our local hardware store for like $1.50 a piece. They are for appliances actually, but I found out that they work well with sand when doing a beach scene.

Right now I am still trying to figure out if I want it to be an ocean scene or turn it into the sky with the earth below. Or if I want to make it into a little side table or leave it as a picture. So I will put any updates on here that I decide to do with it.

So I am now posting some updates to my post here of my ocean scene epoxy picture. I have been working on it and trying to get it looking more like an ocean with the waves and the shore. So here are a few of the pictures I have taken of it as I worked on it.

And if anyone has any comments or suggestions on what I should do with it please feel free to leave your comments.


So I wanted to post this update on my ocean scene picture. I finally decided what I wanted to do with it and I did it.

My ocean scene turned into a table.

I turned it into a table and I gave it to my daughter for Christmas. It turned out really well I thought. The picture I have showing it isn’t the greatest, because I don’t have the legs painted or anything.

I should have gotten better pictures of it. But it is over and done with. And I was happy with the outcome. So I hope that some of you out there like my ocean scene table I came up with.

And I actually used old table legs from an old table I had laying around outside. I had took it apart to use something or to store it easier. I am not for sure which one lol. But I know I used the legs from the old table I had. And what I did was to drill out holes in the bottom of my piece of wood so that I could push the legs up into the table some before I actually attached them. I knew it would make them more solid. And I definitely needed that!

And before I was able to do that actually, I had to attach another piece of wood to the bottom of my ocean scene wood piece. Because it was too thin to really be able to hollow out anything in the bottom. But with the other piece of wood on the bottom I was then able to hollow out places for my new legs to go into.

So I first tried to just use wood glue. Well that didn’t work out at all. I will just say that I ended up going with some little bitty shelf brackets to hold my legs onto my table top.

This may not have been the right thing that most people do in order to attach some legs. But it ended up working for me. Talk about a rig job by the end of it. But in my defense I was pretty stressed out about how much time I had left to get everything done for Christmas Eve night with my family. So I was really trying to get it all together and be done with everything in time.

Well needless to say I was still late with getting everything done, and I am actually still working on my oldest daughter and her fiancées present! I know it is pitiful! But once again in my defense, it is a memory log and I am totally not at all used to doing this with a tree stump basically. I decided to try something different and see how it worked out. So I am almost done with it and once I am all the way through with it, I will post it on here. Then I can get everyone’s opinions on it. So anyway back to my legs on my table.

I ended up using wood glue first and then I attached my little shelf brackets. One side of them to the leg and the other side to my ocean scene wood. And believe it or not it actually worked out pretty well. My table was very solid and I had no worries about it falling over on someone. So this is definitely a fun type of project that is not all that hard. And the table part turned out really awesome for my family members. So try it out if you have been wanting to try something that has to do with the ocean. And possibly you need a little side table in your home.

So thank you for checking me out and happy projecting!

Epoxy Resin River Tree Stump

One of my tree stumps I carved out and poured epoxy resin in
Here is another tree stump that I carved out and poured an epoxy river in

So for this project I went to a neighbor of mine who is something of a lumberjack. I purchased a couple different tree stumps from him for my projects I was wanting to try. I ended up getting the double tree stump that I had turned into a side table with a built in light, and I got a regular tree stump to turn into a table with the epoxy river in it.

This one is the double tree stump turned into a side table

For the double tree stump turned into a side table, I carved out along the edge of the main tree stump on bottom. I just went along with a spot that was already in it. I think it was an axe line that had been left while they were cutting them. And since there was already a spot started, I just took off where they had left off.

So I went ahead and got my multi tool, made by Porter Cable, and started making my river pathway.

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So after I carved out the area where I wanted my river to go, I then just cleaned the inside of it out so that there was no debris left in it and it was pretty much smooth all the way through. I then taped the ends of it. This is so that your epoxy resin does not run over the sides. If it does run over your sides then you will end up wasting a lot of your epoxy.

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So you will want to be sure that your ends are really secure. And before you start to pour your epoxy you will want to be sure that you have a large piece of plastic put down under where you will be working. And be sure to have your gloves, mixing materials, and everything else that you are going to be using during your pour. You will not want to be having to run around looking for items after you have your epoxy mixed.

Once you are ready to do your pouring into your carved out area of your tree stump, you will want to mix your epoxy resin. Make sure that you mix equal parts of your epoxy. If they are not the exact same amounts then your epoxy will not cure properly. And you will want to be sure that you stir your epoxy for at least a few minutes. That being if you are not mixing up a whole lot. If you are mixing up a whole gallon or more then you should stir it for at least 5 minutes. This will ensure that your epoxy is completely mixed up properly. If you don’t get it mixed up right, then your epoxy will not cure properly. Leaving you with a sticky mess that will not ever harden.

Once you have your epoxy mixed up, you will want to add your blue coloring. There are many different types of things that you can use in order to achieve your blue for your river. I used dark blue acrylic paint for mine. It doesn’t take much when you use paint. As opposed to food coloring, which will take more if you want to achieve a darker blue look. But even with food coloring it will not take much to achieve the blue you desire. Not when you look at how much is used out of your bottle when your done.

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So when you get the color that you want after mixing your color additive to your epoxy, you will want to pour your epoxy into your carved area of your tree stump. You will want to let your resin dry according to how deep you went with your river carving. If you only went a couple inches down, then it won’t take quite as long to cure. If you went deeper or made your river really wide, then it will take a little bit longer for the epoxy to cure.

On a norm most people would probably let their projects like this cure for a whole 24 hours. Just to be safe. I did not add anything to my colors when I did this particular tree stump. I just let it stay a very dark blue. I liked the look of the really dark blue for the water. Now on my other stump that I displayed, with the 3 different channels of river going through it. I did add some white to it as I went. Swirling it through it as it was drying.

The tree stump with 3 river channels running through it
My tree stump with the dark blue river in it

I also used a blow dryer on the epoxy after I added the white to it. To mix it through the streams a blow dryer or a heat gun will work great. Whether you do only a dark blue or you add some white to get different effects with your stream, you will want to use a heat gun or a blow torch on your epoxy in order to get the bubbles out of it.

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Just take any type of torch and go over the surface of your epoxy. Making sure not to stay in any one position for too long. As you lightly go over the entire surface you will see how it makes a change in the epoxy. Taking away all of the bubbles as you go. A heat gun will also work to get all of the bubbles out. I did not have a heat gun. So like I said, I used a blow dryer. And it worked just fine also. You will want to be sure that your blow dryer is a fairly new one though. Make sure it works really well and is not one that is barely holding on in its electronic life.

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I am not quite finished with either of my tree stumps. They could both use a little bit more work. But who knows when I will get to actually finishing them up

So I decided to go ahead and do this post on epoxy resin river tree stumps. So no matter how your epoxy project turns out just remember that you will get better at it as you go.

So good luck in all your project making and sign up to be involved in all of my new projects I will be posting on here!


Seashell Epoxy Resin Table

What you will need for this project:

  1. Epoxy Resin 1-2 gallons
  2. Coloring for resin (green)
  3. Seashells
  4. Small bench
  5. Tape
  6. Border to hold epoxy in (I used vinyl flooring piece)
  7. Piece of plastic (for keeping epoxy off your floor)
  8. Plastic Gloves
  9. Stir stick
  10. Plastic cup to mix epoxy in (preferably a few)
This was the small bench table before I got started turning it into an epoxy table

So I got myself started with this project by finding this little bench in the local flooring store dumpster. Just like so many of my items that I use on here for my projects.

Someone had pitched it and I thought that it was adorable. Just because of the smallness of it. The legs fold in on both sides. Making it even smaller when you might need it.

So I wanted to try to do one of the pours I had seen on YouTube. I loved the deep pours that you can see in them. But I am strapped for money most of the time.

So I decided to try a smaller version by doing my smaller work bench. This way I wouldn’t have to have quite as much epoxy for the whole project to actually turn out right.

I knew that if I did a large one that while it would be awesome, it would also require a lot of the epoxy. And at $43 a gallon that is alot of money for me.

Especially when I would have to buy 2 gallons at a time basically. In order to realistically do a large table of epoxy resin it would easily have taken 2 gallons.

So I decided to start small. And I did mine a little different than most do. In the way of using the little work bench as my table and just adding epoxy to it as I built up the sides.

Another view of the small bench
And yet another view of what the bench looked like before I got started on it
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And I built up my sides by using tape and pieces of vinyl flooring. Once again the vinyl flooring was what I had gotten out of the local flooring stores dumpster. So I had plenty of it, and it was free. When you get stuff like that for free, and you know that they were throwing it away anyways, it doesn’t bother you much to use it in projects like these.

Here is what it looked like after I got the first few layers on it.
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So even after I stapled the tape to the bottom wooden part of my little bench I then put a piece of the vinyl flooring all the way around it also. I then even went ahead and put hot glue in between the vinyl flooring and my epoxy project. Just to try and make sure that I did not have any major leaks. And you want to know what? I still had some leaks come through! So as we know by now, I am not your everyday Martha Stewart. I am learning myself as I am blogging. And just trying to share with everyone the trials and errors that I am going through.

Shop Epoxy Resin Now!

So on this blog of mine you will find all kinds of honesty when it comes to what I really encountered while doing a project of mine. Live and learn right? And the way I look at it, I think it is refreshing to hear the horror stories that people will encounter along the way to getting their perfect projects.

Because sometimes when you stumble onto a website of perfectness it is a little discerning when you see all of these perfect projects being assembled by someone. And they never show you or tell you about some of their first projects that they had done. Or about some of the projects that came out a complete disaster. You may start to think in your head that if your projects are not coming out just like some of these blogs projects, that you might as well wrap it up.

None of us like to do something and know that our something is no where near what it should be. That we have a lot of work to do on it in order for it to even come close to standing up with all the other projects of the world. It does leave you feeling flustered and aggravated at times. So this is why I decided to start posting a lot of my projects that I did not feel all the way comfortable with. I knew that they were not the best projects on the internet. And I really wanted for a lot of them to look way better than what they were looking.

But I thought about it and figured that maybe it would be something of a good thing for some people out there. That way as I grow and get better in some of the projects that I do, then people could see these and grow with me. Seeing that not every blogger starts off being really good at every single project that they attempt. And I will never be an expert at any one of these projects that I do. Because I enjoy doing so many different things.

I do not stick with just one type of project in my life. I will do something for a while and then move onto something else. Just because I love learning about new things. And I will admit that I get bored with things easily. A character flaw of mine. I have tried to work on it some. But I can even remember as a child going through my entire bedroom at home, rearranging everything. I would rearrange and deep clean every single piece of furniture that I had in my bedroom. Until I would have it looking just perfect. And then I would do it all again not even a month after I got the first look conquered.

So anyway after I got the sides of my epoxy table built up, I then poured my epoxy. I poured it in layers. Letting about half an inch of epoxy harden all the way and then I would pour another thin layer of it. I put the seashells in the epoxy as I was going. That way the seashells would be layered looking as I went up. I used a laundry dye for the green coloring that I used.


Which was a very pretty color, but in the end of my table project I have noticed that you cannot really see the seashells that are in the middle of the table. I went a little bit too dark. If a person were wanting the shells to be seen in the middle, then you would have to go with an almost clear look to it. Barely using any color at all. So a word to warn you if you decide to try a project just like this one. It will be a waste of money in shells if you put a bunch through the middle and then use a lot of coloring.


But at least the ones at the top you can see. And I left some of them sticking out at the top. Like my star fish looks really cool. He is submerged in epoxy in most of his areas. Yet the middle part of him is sticking out at the top. I also used real sand at the end of the table. I just used some regular sand that I had been using for my water displays through the summer. I mixed epoxy resin clear with the sand, and then spread it throughout the one end of the table. Making it a little thicker so it appears to have some depth with the entire table.

I ended up going almost all the way clear with my last couple layers of epoxy. Just to try and make sure that you could see some of the seashells in the table. If I had not gone clear at the top then you probably would not have been able to see any of the shells. And I would have really been devastated by that! But like I said. Live and learn.

Here is a picture of my table when I had just a few thin layers done.

And in the end I decided to put some crashing waves going into the shore. As you can see in the picture below. Being where my sandy beach was at. Well at least I hope that this is what it resembles. This was my first time doing an epoxy project such as this. And I have not had much experience with putting waves in. So I am learning on how to make them look realistic. So you be the judge of which look that you like the best. The before without the waves, or the after with the waves?

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Here is the latest look of my seashell epoxy table
Here is a picture of my little table after it was finished. And before I added the waves. Though I had not finished it with the polishing or the last clear coat of epoxy.

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