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The story of Little Lick!

  This three legged dog is something else! I have never seen a dog who shows human emotions as well as this one does. He is Katie’s puppy from her one litter of pups she had before we got her fixed. When he was about 7 months old he got hit by a car. I had let katie and her 2 puppies out to go pee and katie led them right across the street. Well her and tubby made it across, and little lick did not. A guy brought him to our door telling me how sorry he was and that he ran right in front of him and he couldn’t stop in Time. Well we were bad junkies back then and couldn’t take care of ourselves let alone dogs really. But I have always loved animals more than most human beings and so even though we had no money to take him to a vet we didn’t have him put down.

I cared for him the best way I could back then. We gave him pain reliever and kept him on a towel that was like a diaper since he couldn’t go outside on his own. He slept in my arms every night like a baby and I prayed that he would get better with what we were doing for him. He slowly got better and it was not long before he was up and running around again.

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But he was dragging that paw and had no feeling in it. You could tell it was not causing him pain but the problem was that eventually he would drag it down to the bone if it kept up. So to make a long story shorter, I went to prison for 9 months and Justin was a hot mess still while I was gone so my mother took Katie and her 2 puppies to her home to care for them until I got out.

She took him to the vet and got his leg removed and he got fixed at same time so everything was done at once. He went home and recovered completely and it wasn’t long before he was outrunning all the other dogs who had 4 legs. My mother fell in love with him after the surgery and while I was gone. So when I got out of prison I only had one dog, Katie. Tubby her other puppy passed away shortly after mom got all 3 dogs, lick became my mothers dog and katie of course came right back to being my baby once I got out. Little lick had not forgotten me though.

It took him a little longer to recognize me than katie when I first walked in the door after 9 months, but he eventually figured it out and was once again my little baby laying right in my arms again. So for years my mother has had him and he has lived a very good spoiled life. Until about 2 1/2 years ago when me and Justin were living in Richmond and I was still relearning to walk myself from being paralyzed from the waist down, asked me if I would take him. She knew I was the only person who would be able to take him in.

He definitely has had his issues throughout the years and from what he has been through. He either had to stay with mom, get put down or come live with me katie and Justin again. She would have never had him put down, but she had ended up with about 4-5 dogs living at her house thanks to me or one of kids, and they had begun to run around like a wild pack of dogs when all together. And they were feeding off each other and getting more brave as they went.

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And so while none of the dogs were large really “chihuahuas and poodle sizes” they would go after something and u might get little lick come out of nowhere and bite an ankle and run or jump in with the other dogs in a fight. Little lick was not a fair fighter and had no problems with jumping in and helping out 2 on one!

Katie And Little Lick

So I told my mother we would take him and try it out to see how it worked. I was still using my wheelchair at this time so I admit I had my doubts as to whether I could handle 2 dogs and everything else going on in my life. But this is the end results of all the pain and suffering that me and the three legged dog has been through.

He is our baby! Katie was around him all through the years since my mother had him and katie lived with my mother also when I was first paralyzed and up in Indianapolis for 3 months. Plus me and Katie had to live with my mom and step dad for a while when I first got out of the hospital.

So now katie and lick are as close as any 2 dogs can be. And I literally feel for these 2 dogs as if they were my kids. Katie has been there with me through everything from withdrawals to me getting paralyzed. She slept right in my hospital bed when I first got home.

It is amazing how much love an animal can have for their owner and vice versa. So now we have 2 living in my trailer who are disabled, me and my dog. He definitely took to his disability way better than I did at first.


But one thing I did learn from him is that you have to get up and just do it. You can’t lay around feeling sorry for yourself. If you did that then you may never get back up. Dogs do not sit around and gripe about what happened to them. They don’t sit around and expect you to feel sorry for them. They just get back up and do what they can do to the best of their ability.

And that is why I am walking again today. Had I decided to just lay around feeling sorry for myself and letting others do everything for me then those muscles that were already almost non existent probably would have went on to actually being non existent. So I hope that perhaps this true story of 2 junkies and their disabled dog will help someone out there to see the way. And see that anything is possible in life. If you just believe.

I have been off the needle for over 3 years now and Justin is on soboxone and that is amazing considering what a terrible junky he was back in the day. We have many problems and many issues still, but I would have never dreamed that we would all be back together years later after he went to prison for 4 years, I got paralyzed from using needles, Little lick losing his leg, and poor Katie getting thrown back and forth from places because of our issues either with prison or hospitals. Yet here we are

My Babies


Living Healthier


I would like to talk today about our health. The Amazon Banner I am displaying with the fresh vegetables really got me thinking about how I really need to start eating more healthy. I actually love vegetables and fruits. There are not many that I do not like. So I am going to sign up for this free trial with Amazon Fresh because not only will it cut down on my driving to and from the store, but it will also make me think a little more on what I am actually purchasing.

When you go to the grocery store, especially when you are hungry, you seem to just put everything that appeals to you inside your cart. And I don’t know about the rest of you but as I get older it seems like sweets have begun to call my name constantly! I don’t know if it has something to do with me getting off opiates or what. But it is easier these days for me to turn down the needle than it is for me to turn down a chocolate cake doughnut!

So I believe that I am going to try to start doing my shopping online and with Amazon. I feel that you put a lot more thought into what it is you are purchasing when you shop like this. When I am at the store I may have a list with me and sometimes I may even find that list and use it.! Every time that I walk out of the store I have ended up putting at least 15 or more items in my cart that I had no intentions of purchasing. And most definitely did not need!

When I have shopped online before I definitely put a lot more thought into my purchases. And even if I have put some items in there on a whim, I will see these items on there before I actually check out and have a second chance to think about whether I really need these or not. And I can think about the price of all of it. As opposed to when I am in line at the grocery store and I have many people behind me. I am just trying to be sure that I do not embarrass myself by holding the entire line up and have everyone behind me fuming.

So many times I have gotten up there and the total was very scary as to what I had originally intended for it to be. But rather than hold up the line and deal with peoples glares, I have just went ahead and paid for the items and gotten myself on out of the store. If I am sitting in front of my computer at home I do not have to deal with issues such as these. No one is hurrying me up. I can take my time and think about what I have on there and put some thought into whether I really need all of the items or not.

Being an addict most all of my life I have really put my health on the back burner. I never worried about eating good or healthy, and continued to put some of the most awful things known to society in my system while never even going to a Dr for a check up. I have actually been very lucky that I do not have more wrong with me than what I do. I did find out that I am anemic a couple of years ago. It has caused a lot of fatigue in my life. I am supposed to be taking iron pills or eating more liver.

Well the liver is out the door because I would not touch it with a ten foot pole. So I am left with the option of getting the over the counter iron pills. Which I admit I had not done until recently. So I am going to try and start taking those pills on a more regular basis and start watching what I eat more. Put more fruits and vegetables into my diet and see if that helps me to feel better each day. I will definitely report back with how I am doing with this and if it is working out in making me feel better each day.

So if anyone else decides to try this way of shopping to see if it helps with cutting down on not needed items please let me know and let me know how it works out for you. I have really been trying to change my life around every since I got paralyzed. I have been more focused on areas of just staying away from needles and opiates so far. I did get myself back into school for a while, but have let the stresses of life along with some health issues cause me to stop attending there for a while.

I am really wanting to get my life back into order and fix not only the main areas that people focus on but some of these side areas that we tend to forget about when we get too busy with life. Taking care of ourselves is one of those areas that we tend to forget. And this is one of the areas that we should all be focusing on if we really want to feel better in life. And we will tend to look better when we are taking care of ourselves.

I will go into some of the things that I have focused on since I got paralyzed and had to start over with only my mother’s clothes to wear at first and a hospital bed for my first apartment.  These things have helped me to focus on changing my life and continuing to change my life so far. And maybe they will help others in that area also.

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Random things

I am writing this post just to give anyone who does follow me or clicks onto my website that I am working on fixing all of the issues with it. I have got it a hot mess I know! I am basically teaching myself as I go and learning from experience with it. So it is a major work in progress! I am hoping to get it where you can at least read things by the end of the night lol! I have so many things I am trying to do and learn right now that I have gotten myself a bit overwhelmed! So I will be trying to fix all of the craziness and will be doing more research into how it should be set up to meet my needs.

On another note I have been thinking about bringing more subjects into my blogs. So we know I am all about how the government needs to change laws regarding addiction and how addicts are treated.

I will tell you that I am all about the fourth amendment and the government keeping out of certain areas of our lives. Now having said that I also believe very strongly these days that we do need governments and the rules of governments to keep society functioning.

There always has to be a happy medium met in most areas of life. I have a lot of opinions on different ways that we should handle things like population control, and the never ending number of children being brought into this world only to be discarded, ignored, abused, neglected, and put on a negative path in life right from the start.

And I will bring up one area where I feel there should be more government control, even though I am all about the government not being able to search our property without a warrant and a damned good reason for that warrant, I feel that the government should step in and put more control on the amount of children that a woman is having, IF they are continuing to have children while their first 2-5 children are not even with them!

I saw it in prison and I see it in my own hometown (not as much as the big cities) but nevertheless it shouldn’t be happening that much in a town with approximately 20,000 residents. And I could be off with this figure. I am just throwing it out there instead of looking it up because I am being lazy today, and my internet is being slow!

So I think that if you have a child or 2 and they have been taken away, given away, being neglected, or the mother is actively using drugs then she should be made to get her tubes tied. Maybe not permanently but at least until she can prove to the world that she is capable of caring for a child.

I am sorry but I think it’s ridiculous that I sat in prison day after day with women who had 10 children out there. Left in the care of family members if lucky enough to have any who could care for them, and the girls would be pregnant! Most of those children end up having to go to foster homes and from what I hear that is if they are lucky.

Over populating the earth is a real issue! If we keep going like we are the earth will never be able to sustain all of these people. Not to mention the children growing up in these types of circumstances. Which leads to a way higher possibility of them becoming addicts, criminals, living a life of poverty, being violent with their spouses and children, and all of these things contribute to the never ending circle of issues such as addiction, violence, homelessness, just for a start.

If a child is brought up in a bad and broken environment then the chances of them being bad and broken are increasing of course. So why is it that you need a license for driving a car, and most everything else in life, yet having a child no one is supposed to even look at your circumstances before women have them?

And I don’t believe that we as a society should be able to tell women whether or not they should have a child or not based on their circumstances or wealth level. I do believe however if a woman is not taking their responsibility as a mother seriously, and is not taking advantage of the birth control that is offered to them for free all over the country, or the fact that they can have their tubes tied for free if they are on Medicaid, Hoosier Healthcare, or HIPP, after they have 2 children or are a certain age, and they are not willing to take advantage of it, then yes these would be the ones who should be made to have their tubes tied. I know that people like to argue that we should have the freedom to choose these types of things. And there should be no restrictions on it. But what about the kids who are growing up in these situations? I know that most children who have to grow up without their mothers or fathers in situations like I am describing have low self esteem right from the start. And most will feel like they did something wrong as they grow up. This all leads to bad behaviors and to emotional instability.

And what about how the babies feel when they have to go through withdrawals as soon as they enter this world? Or the people out there who end up having to take care of these babies or children who are going through hell and can’t do anything but their job to help these kids?

It all definitely helps to breed a lot of hatred, and problems in the world. And we may never see the end results of over-population on this earth, but our children or children’s children will!

So that is something to think about.

Here is an article I found that you may want to read on the issues of over-population.

APA Butler, C. D. (2004). Human Carrying Capacity and Human Health. PLoS Medicine, 1(3), e55.