DiY Jacket & Glove Holder With Clock

So for this project I ended up using flooring pieces that had been thrown away at the local flooring dumpster. We had found a bunch of pieces of hardwood flooring that I really liked a lot. I wanted to use them in some way for one of my projects.


I just wasn’t for sure what or where to use them.

Until the other day when I was messing around with the same pieces and had them staggered as I was arranging them around. I was like those look really awesome that way.

Then I saw the exact same thing I had done on Pinterest that night. And it was a coat holder that was for sale for like $200!

So I of course was like I can make that! I mean it was the exact same placing of the wood pieces as I had just had mine in the day before.

Picture in black and white

I decided to try something different with mine however. I decided that I wanted to put a small clock into mine. I had never actually seen a coat rack like these that had a clock in them.

I am not saying that there are none out there somewhere. Its just that I personally have never seen one. And as I was thinking about it I thought that it would be a great idea to put a clock right there with all of your outside attire.

I mean what are you always worried about normally when you are getting your jacket, gloves, and hat on? The time of course. I know that I always am asking or wondering what time it is while I am getting everything on and looking for my keys.

Reason being is because I am usually running late and I really have to keep track of exactly how late I am becoming! So I decided to start my project of diy coat rack but make it a little more exclusive for me.

So I put in a clock, gloves holder, and a place for your keys. I decided that I wanted a coat holder that would have everything that I need in one spot, right before I walk out the door. one that had everything I needed on it. That way it’s like a one stop deal right before I walk out the door.

And having the clock in there is definitely a great thing when it comes to one stop before heading out the door. I don’t have to go looking for my phone, or the watch that I forgot to put on, right before I am ready to head out. It’s right there by my coat, my gloves, and my car keys. I can glance at it as I am getting everything on. It really is great and useful to me.


So if you would like to try this project for yourself, here is a list of the things you will need. And I have also included some pictures and links tp some of the items I used for this project or have used on other projects that could be useful when trying to do this project.

As an amazon affiliate I may earn a small commission from any qualified sales that result from my links.

1. Wood pieces (6-7)

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2. luon board. You will need a piece of this very thin board for your back. So it needs to be the size of what your coat holder will be.

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3. Drill and short & medium size screws. And you will need to have a bit for drilling your holes out as well as having a bit for your screws.

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4. Jacket hooks

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5. Clock workings

6. Plastic piece to pull your twine through for your gloves.

7. Twine

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8. Thicker rope. (This is only if you want to go around the edges of yours, or if you want to use the rope for hanging it)

9. Clothespins


10. Fairy Lights (if you want to run lights along the top of your coat rack)

Shop Fairy Lights

So I started with my lauan boards and used them to secure my floor pieces to. The lauan boards are thin pieces of wood that resemble osb boards or plywood.

Lauan Board on the back of my coat rack

And it is your choice if you want to use something like the lauan boards or if you want to use something a little more stout. Some people put these types of projects on much thicker pallet type pieces.

Once I had all of my pieces of wood where I wanted them to be, I just started securing them to my lauan board with short screws.

It’s just whether you want to work with something not as stout and secure it more towards the end. Or if you want something very stout to start with when it comes to your attaching of the floor pieces. I just used my multi tool to go around the back of it and cut the lauan board to fit around my wood floor pieces. Which I laid out in a random up and down pattern.

I really didn’t think about it when I started on mine. I had a lot of pieces of the thin wood material, and so I used it I did have to go over the back of it with another piece to make it more stable at the end.

And putting another piece helped to hide a lot of the screws and nails that I had used to secure everything.

Here is a picture of the back of mine. Showing the thin wood that I used to secure everything onto mine.

So after you have your boards attached to whichever backing you choose to use, and you have cut away any extra lauan boards that are showing, you will want to start getting your hole ready for your clock.

Shop Drill Bits

I used a bulova clock i had gotten from goodwill for mine. It was actually in a little wooden mantle when I got it. So I just took it out of the mantle it came in and used it for this project.

Shop Clock Parts

I laid the clock where I wanted it to be on my coat rack, and I drew a circle around it making sure it was the exact size of my clock face. I then proceeded to make my cut into the boards so I could get it started for my jigsaw to then take over.

Shop Jigsaws

When using a jigsaw you will have to have a small spot cut out first so you can get your jigsaw blade down in it. Then when you have your jigsaw blade down in the hole you can usually just turn it on and start cutting your hole out.

Now you will want to get your hooks you are using for your coats to hang on. And position them on your board wherever you want your coats to hang at. Make sure that you use heavy duty enough hooks for hanging the types of coats and attire you will be using them for. Here is a link for some good coat holding hooks through amazon. Click Here

Next you will want to get some twine and clothespins. Find something to run your twine through that will also screw to your board. I actually used a plastic piece that is meant for holding down cords in your home. They have 2 nails in them normally that you would nail into the wall or floor to keep a cord in place. I just altered them a little bit by taking out the nails and putting twine through them. Then I just used screws to attach it to my board. There are many things that you can use. As long as you are able to get the twine hanging down and attached to your clothespins then you are good to go.

And you will just want to run your twine through it while making sure to attach your clothespins on each side of it. And you can put as many hooks as you want to. Just depends on your preference on how many pairs of gloves or mittens you are planning on hanging on them.

As you can see in picture above the gloves are being held with twine and clothespins

Now once you have your hooks fastened into the places that you want them to go, and you have your mitten holder done, you will want to string your fairy lights along the top of your coat rack. Or however you would like to hang them. You could go all the way around the coat holder if you wanted to. It’s just a matter of personal preference once again.

Your last step will be to attach another piece of lauan board onto the back of your coat rack in order to hide all of the screws and mess ups you may have showing when done. Cut around it so that it fits your coat rack without any of it being seen when looking at it. Then secure your rope at the top of it and put your shelf bracket holders onto the back of it, and then you are done!

Well unless of course you would want to stain the back of your coat rack. I am probably going to stain mine eventually so that it does look better. But for the time being I decided to hold off on it since no one will be seeing the back of it anyways. So I hope that someone out there decides to try this project out and hopefully I have been of some help on how to do one. I am not the best at these things yet, but I am trying to be more thorough when I post a DiY how to project on here.

And I do have to say that I love my coat rack with clock and glove holder. It helps me when leaving to know the time and having all of my winter attire in one area. Which keeps me a little more organized in my life. So good luck and happy projecting!

And don’t forget to follow my blog if you liked this project and would like to see more like this!

6 Awesome Ways To Display Things In Your Home

Two toned wall after I got it done

1. This first project , the two toned wall, is one I had tried a while back on my back wall. I think that this is an awesome way to be able to display more of your pretties. In an area that you would not have been able to do this with before.

Hf refresh c3 300x250
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If you have limited space and you are trying not to have to put a piece of furniture in a certain area, then this two toned shelfing will be perfect for you.

After you are done with this project you will now have space to put candles, nic nacks, or even to display part of your favorite books from your library. All without having to put a shelf or table down on the floor. Which would have taken up more of your precious space you might be trying to save.

Ladder shelf I built on the wall in my living room

2. Here is a ladder shelf that I made for my living room area. This thing is ideal when you are working with limited space in your home. I have 4 shelves on it and they help out a lot with being able to display some of my pictures and pretties I have.

A lot of my pretties would not have been able to be displayed in my living room had I not constructed this ladder shelf.

Hf refresh c3 300x250
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I even was able to put my printer on the bottom shelf so I can now have it right there by my favorite chair and working area in my trailer.

Wrought iron candle holder I turned into a picture holder

3. This wrought iron candle holder was not being used because I really could not find the room for it in my home. So since I couldn’t find anywhere to display it I decided to try using it as a holder for one of my collages I had done of my daughter.

It turned out very well I thought. It gives you a different type of look when it comes to displaying your favorite photos. And you can actually have it sitting on a table while holding your favorite picture, or have it up on the wall. Either way you go it will look really good and it’s a different look than you normally see.

My tree branch turned into a necklace and bracelet display

4. Here is a tree branch that I turned into a jewelry display. This is a very easy and cheap way to display your favorite necklaces and bracelets. All you have to do is find the perfect tree branch for your own jewelry and do a few minor fixes to it, and it’s ready to go.

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A seashell I had laying around

5. Here is a mirror that I put into one of my seashells that I had laying around my place. I needed a mirror and the epoxy stand I had made was in front of me with my large seashell on it . So I positioned the mirror into the seashell to hold it for me.

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And after that I decided to make it permanent. So I hot glued my mirror into the seashell since it seemed to work so well as a mirror holder.

6. Here is a different way to display and store your favorite sunglasses. All I did was cut triangle shape 45’s made of wood to fit in the corner.

As I made my little shelves I just kept going up in size. I started at the top where I wanted my first one to be. And then just made my way down the corner where I wanted them to be. Just increasing the size of each one by just a little bit.

Then I screwed each one of them into the wall. Securing each one with at least 2 small screws. Then when you have your screws all in you would want to add a screw or nail in the very front of each one of your small shelves. This will help to keep your sunglasses on each individual shelf.

Without putting something on each shelf to help secure them, I was not able to get my sunglasses to stay on the shelves. So you can use whatever you would like on the shelves to help secure your glasses. There are many different ways that you can do it I am sure.

So I hope that you liked my different ways of displaying my items at home and my space saving techniques. Follow my blog if you would like to have more ideas for your home or would like to see more of my projects.


My back room makeover 2

This is the after on my ceiling.
This is the back wall after I filled in all the holes with drywall mudd.
This is what one of my walls looks like after got done painting
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These were the paint colors I used. Dark gray, cream, and a light gray I made up. .

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Here us one of the before pictures pf the back room

And this is the after of the room
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These are the receptacle casings that I spray painted.
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This is the back corner after getting the two walls done.

So as you can see I am moving along with my back room makeover. This room is looking so much better it is amazing. And as I have cleaned and began organizing the room it is really becoming a useful room that you can actually stand to walk into.


I have used some big iron shelving system that was torn down and thrown in the dumpster at our local flooring business. They had a bunch of them piled in there and they looked like they were about brand new. So I decided that they would definitely be able to be put to use in my new craft room.

This picture shows the white shelves that I got out of the dumpster and put them to use.
Here is another item that I got out of the local flooring store dumpster. This 5 gallon bucket of benjamin moore cream colored paint was unopened!
As di rectangle 300x250
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So I have been moving along with the remodeling of the back room and I have gotten behind on my posts to keep the whole thing documented. Since this is my first real makeover of a room of any size. So this means that I may be posting my next updates quicker than one might be expecting.

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If I get on the ball and sit down to computer and take the pictures I need for it. I guess we will see whether I get it done fast or not.

So I will leave it at that. Happy projecting and good luck with all of your projects you may try!

Find Anything That Goes Missing

Do you forget where you put things a lot? Here is the perfect solution to those missing keys, wallet, remote, purse, or numerous other things you may misplace. Tiles!

I bought some tiles when I saw an ad for them about 6-7 months ago. I got about 3 of them for less than $30 if my memory serves me right. Sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s exactly why I wanted to try the tiles.

Because it seems like everything in my home is missing at one point of every day. Keys, my purse, and phones are some big problem areas around my home.

So I put one on my keychain, and one in my wallet, and used one for my phone even. You can link them to your phone and use them to find your phone instead of other objects if you feel that would be where they are most needed.


They just sent me a free battery for one of my tiles that had gone dead. So you can’t beat that with keeping them running. Many times that is why things we have are not working around us, because of dead batteries. And if you are like me you may not get right to it when it comes to changing the batteries.

For whatever reasons like you have ran out, or maybe just don’t have the extra money to spend on batteries at the time. This will definitely make it much easier for most people to keep something up and running when the company is keeping track of how much battery life they have. And they tell you when they need changed, and then will send you a free battery so you can replace it.

Now with all that help, a person should have no problems with keeping up their tiles. This way you are never in a position where you have lost your keys and you can’t use your tiles to find them because your battery is dead.

So just click on the link below to get some tiles and start putting losing your keys as a thing of the past.

And I will work my way towards free tiles with every person who clicks and actually purchases a tile without returning it within 30 days.

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