Mackenzie’s Talents

Check out my youngest daughter on Instagram. She is an alternative model/SFX makeup artist/bartender/pole instructor. I know that is a mouthful of titles lol. She keeps herself busy! She is an awesome artist and does the SFX make up on herself. Here is some of her artwork. She has a very vivid dark imagination when it comes to art. So not everyone will like her drawings, but if you are into her style then you will really love her artwork. And she has a lot of her artwork for sale if interested in purchasing something from her.

Mackenzie’s latest modeling pictures

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MacKenzie’s Talents!

I am posting pictures of my daughters first layout in a magazine. She has been an alternative model for a while now, but what makes this even more awesome is the fact she is not only a model, she also does her own SFX makeup.

She has always been an awesome artist, starting out with our walls when she was 2-16. Yes, even at 16 she was still drawing on my walls! She then moved onto tattooing and drawing.

Well she was awesome at tattooing but she didn’t stick with it for too long before she discovered her talent with SFX.

And one of the most awesome things about her is how she does these things to her own face. I can’t imagine doing all that to someone else. That would be hard enough in my opinion. But doing it on yourself really blows my mind away!

She is also a dancer and a pole instructor in Indianapolis. So check her out at one of the links I will be sharing below. And check back as I will post more on her progress into the world of SFX! Along with new pictures or videos she posts!

Please help share any pictures or videos you may like to help get her face and name out there for the world to see!

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Pictures of her winning one of the pole competitions up in Indianapolis. pictures of Mackenzie modeling as an alternative model.

The pictures below are from Mackenzies 5 Page layout in the October 2018 Elan Vital Magazine

They are a little hard to see because of the plastic I have over them to protect them.

Check her out on Instagram