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I am writing this post just to give anyone who does follow me or clicks onto my website that I am working on fixing all of the issues with it. I have got it a hot mess I know! I am basically teaching myself as I go and learning from experience with it. So it is a major work in progress! I am hoping to get it where you can at least read things by the end of the night lol! I have so many things I am trying to do and learn right now that I have gotten myself a bit overwhelmed! So I will be trying to fix all of the craziness and will be doing more research into how it should be set up to meet my needs.

On another note I have been thinking about bringing more subjects into my blogs. So we know I am all about how the government needs to change laws regarding addiction and how addicts are treated.

I will tell you that I am all about the fourth amendment and the government keeping out of certain areas of our lives. Now having said that I also believe very strongly these days that we do need governments and the rules of governments to keep society functioning.

There always has to be a happy medium met in most areas of life. I have a lot of opinions on different ways that we should handle things like population control, and the never ending number of children being brought into this world only to be discarded, ignored, abused, neglected, and put on a negative path in life right from the start.

And I will bring up one area where I feel there should be more government control, even though I am all about the government not being able to search our property without a warrant and a damned good reason for that warrant, I feel that the government should step in and put more control on the amount of children that a woman is having, IF they are continuing to have children while their first 2-5 children are not even with them!

I saw it in prison and I see it in my own hometown (not as much as the big cities) but nevertheless it shouldn’t be happening that much in a town with approximately 20,000 residents. And I could be off with this figure. I am just throwing it out there instead of looking it up because I am being lazy today, and my internet is being slow!

So I think that if you have a child or 2 and they have been taken away, given away, being neglected, or the mother is actively using drugs then she should be made to get her tubes tied. Maybe not permanently but at least until she can prove to the world that she is capable of caring for a child.

I am sorry but I think it’s ridiculous that I sat in prison day after day with women who had 10 children out there. Left in the care of family members if lucky enough to have any who could care for them, and the girls would be pregnant! Most of those children end up having to go to foster homes and from what I hear that is if they are lucky.

Over populating the earth is a real issue! If we keep going like we are the earth will never be able to sustain all of these people. Not to mention the children growing up in these types of circumstances. Which leads to a way higher possibility of them becoming addicts, criminals, living a life of poverty, being violent with their spouses and children, and all of these things contribute to the never ending circle of issues such as addiction, violence, homelessness, just for a start.

If a child is brought up in a bad and broken environment then the chances of them being bad and broken are increasing of course. So why is it that you need a license for driving a car, and most everything else in life, yet having a child no one is supposed to even look at your circumstances before women have them?

And I don’t believe that we as a society should be able to tell women whether or not they should have a child or not based on their circumstances or wealth level. I do believe however if a woman is not taking their responsibility as a mother seriously, and is not taking advantage of the birth control that is offered to them for free all over the country, or the fact that they can have their tubes tied for free if they are on Medicaid, Hoosier Healthcare, or HIPP, after they have 2 children or are a certain age, and they are not willing to take advantage of it, then yes these would be the ones who should be made to have their tubes tied. I know that people like to argue that we should have the freedom to choose these types of things. And there should be no restrictions on it. But what about the kids who are growing up in these situations? I know that most children who have to grow up without their mothers or fathers in situations like I am describing have low self esteem right from the start. And most will feel like they did something wrong as they grow up. This all leads to bad behaviors and to emotional instability.

And what about how the babies feel when they have to go through withdrawals as soon as they enter this world? Or the people out there who end up having to take care of these babies or children who are going through hell and can’t do anything but their job to help these kids?

It all definitely helps to breed a lot of hatred, and problems in the world. And we may never see the end results of over-population on this earth, but our children or children’s children will!

So that is something to think about.

Here is an article I found that you may want to read on the issues of over-population.

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