Converting Entertainment Center

Below is the type of entertainment center that I had before I started transforming it into 3 different pieces.

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And one below it is actually mine and what it looked like exactly before I transformed it.

Above is a picture of the entertainment center that I had. I turned it into 3 different pieces of furniture.


One piece of glass is now part of my vanity table, one piece makes up my nail salon table, and the last piece is on top of my mantle in the living room with my television on top of it.

And they work and look awesome! The glass on my vanity table gives me lots of extra room for all of my make up, perfumes, and toiletries. Do excuse the mess and I hope you can make out what is in the picture. I literally have way too much stuff! And I am really trying to get it sold or rearrange something to where I can house it all.

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Hasn’t been working out for me too well yet lol! The piece that is now my nail table holds everything I have that makes up my at home nail salon. And I have the stuff to do acrylic, and gel nails. So I have a lot of stuff!

And the glass piece from the 3rd glass tier that sits on top of my mantle looks awesome! The mantle I got given to me from a friend. It has a place in it where you can put either fake logs or one of the big electric wood burning fireplace pieces.

Being that we are coming out of winter and heading towards summer I decided to just use the space to house my fern until next fall. But the glass piece on top of the mantle gives me lots of extra space to put other things with my tv and gives it that extra nice touch to snazz it up on appearances.

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