DiY Cement Planter

Rag Dipped in Concrete and then turned into a planter

This DiY project is really pretty simple. It is not at all hard to do as long as you get your rag positioned right while it is drying. The first time I ever tried to do this project I completely screwed it up. Actually I didn’t just screw it up one time, I screwed it up a couple more times before I finally got one right. I was not putting the rag over the right thing according to it’s size.

Scrap Material

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So all you have to do for this to turn out right is to get you some old rags and get your concrete mixture ready. Everything that I have watched concerning any type of concrete project has said to use one part concrete to 2 parts sand. Add your water and you are in there and done. Personally I have found that when I added sand like they say to, my stuff does not come out the way that I am expecting. So I did not add much sand when I did this and it actually turned out the way I was wanting it to.

Cement Planter


So anyway I mixed up my concrete in my wheelbarrow and made sure that I had enough in it to cover the fabric I was getting ready to put in. Which I would suggest using a scrap piece of fabric that is not really big. You do not want any really long pieces jotting out because they will not harden properly.

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So you get your scrap fabric and you will dip it into the concrete. Making sure that you cover every single inch of it. You don’t want to leave any dry spots on it at all. Which brings me to the cement texture that you want. You definitely do not want your cement to be too thick. It will do much better and be much better to work with if it if a little bit runny.

Once you get your scrap fabric all the way wet with your concrete mixture, you will then take it and spread it out over something like an old mcdonald’s cup. Or any kind of cup will do. It sort of depends on your personal preference on how you want your planter to turn out. And it may take you a few tries before you get it to harden just right. But you will get it before you know it. And they really are very neat little planters for any type of plant that you may want to put in them.


And you will definitely want to let your wet material lay over your cup for at least one full day to make sure that it is all the way hardened. So good luck and happy planter making!

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