Christa’s Gallery Of DIY Projects

My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout the last 4 years. Basically since I started doing things on my own thanks to you tube and google. They turned me into a diy project junky!

DiY Balls Of Light

Converting Entertainment Centers

Before I Transformed
After I converted my entertainment center
After I converted my entertainment center

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Old Tennis Shoe Transformation
Back Yard Water Displays
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DiY Altered Sweater
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Night Stand Transformation

Before picture of my nightstand
This is the after of my nightstand.

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Tree Stand Bookshelf

This tree stand bookshelf is an easy very unique way to display some of your favorite good reads!
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Old Tennis Shoe Makeover

This is my revised version of my tree stand bookshelf
Vining Tree Stump
DiY Concrete Planter

Lovin Squares Headboard
DiY Glitter Shoes
Bathroom Sink Makeover With Tile
Tree Trunk Turned Table With Built In Light
DiY Old Water Display Into Display of Tile
Cramped For Space
DiY Altered Sweater

Original Painting by F. Tudgay

This is an original painting by F. Tudgay painted in 1872 of the Cutty Sark. Online appraisal valued it between $7,ooo and $9,000.00. Comes in a beautiful wood frame.


Let’s build something together.

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