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Kenzie’s Pole Dancing Skills

Here are a couple of video’s showing Mackenzie and her pole dancing skills She has came in 1st and 2nd place in numerous competitions throughout the U.S.A. I believe that she still teaches pole dancing techniques up in Indianapolis, if anyone might be interested in learning. I think that she charges $20 per hour, and talk about getting a person in shape! These poles are why strippers have such amazing bodies. Well part of the reason lol. So now there has been amazing increases all over the U.S. taking courses in pole dancing. It’s not just something that exotic dancers are doing these days. You will find business women, homemakers, and all other types of women taking these classes trying to get their bodies into shape so they look like dancers. But they don’t have to be in the business. So if anyone is interested in checking out some classes you can leave your information on the form below, or follow Kenzie’s link to Instagram.

Mackenzie’s Work-Outs

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