So I have grouped my projects into 4 separate categories. I have Epoxy, Water Displays, Home Improvement, and DiY & How To’s. Granted there are not a whole lot of projects underneath my Water Displays and my Home Improvement and Organization. But I am steadily working on adding new posts of projects I have done. I am actually way behind in this. I have many projects that I have done and just have not been able to get them on here. 

  So I will be trying to get more on here. As well as trying to get more categories of interesting things to write about or post about. I never realized how much work there is when doing your own blog and website. But I am a DiYourselfer lol. So I am always up for the learning experience! So I hope you enjoy and perhaps try out some of my projects I have posted. Make sure to follow me if you do want to keep up with all my new posts in the future. And feel free to leave comments on any of my projects. Thanks and have a great day!


Epoxy Projects

Organization & Home Improvement

Water Displays

DiY Projects & How To’s