Epoxy Projects


Epoxy planters

So for this project here I have combined 4 different items that I made with epoxy. They are all 3 pretty small, and very easy to do. And I think that they turned out very cute. I just love…

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DiY Epoxy Beach Scene Sandal With Magnet Inside

So for this project I actually started out with not really a clue what I was going to do with it. I had a vague idea of what I was going for. But as I got going I decided to change it around a little and see what would come of it. So as I…

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Epoxied Hand With Seashells & Glass Balls

DIY jewelry holder with a concrete hand and epoxy

Epoxy Resin Guitar

So as you see above I have started trying my epoxy projects on different types of things. I had an old acoustic guitar that I should have gotten a picture of before I started, and yet I did not! I could kick myself when I do these types of things. But this guitar was oldContinue reading “Epoxy Resin Guitar”

Wooden Cross And River Rock Set In Epoxy Resin

So for this little project I found a wooden cross at my local thrift store, and wanted to do something with it. I thought it was awesome the way it was so simple and plain. So we decided one day to burn the ends of it and cover it with epoxy. That way it wouldContinue reading “Wooden Cross And River Rock Set In Epoxy Resin”

Epoxy Resin River Tree Stump

So for this project I went to a neighbor of mine who is something of a lumberjack. I purchased a couple different tree stumps from him for my projects I was wanting to try. I ended up getting the double tree stump that I had turned into a side table with a built in light,Continue reading “Epoxy Resin River Tree Stump”

Ocean Scene Epoxy Picture

So I started this project out with a piece of wood that had actually been cut out for a lazy susan. I found it in the local flooring store dumpster along with a lazy susan. This piece was actually cut perfectly for making a lazy susan and so it looked like a round piece ofContinue reading “Ocean Scene Epoxy Picture”

Seashell Epoxy Resin Table

What you will need for this project: Epoxy Resin 1-2 gallons Coloring for resin (green) Seashells Small bench Tape Border to hold epoxy in (I used vinyl flooring piece) Piece of plastic (for keeping epoxy off your floor) Plastic Gloves Stir stick Plastic cup to mix epoxy in (preferably a few) So I got myselfContinue reading “Seashell Epoxy Resin Table”

My First Attempt At Epoxy Resin Tabletop

I have just recently started working with epoxy resin. And I really love working with the stuff. I have done some pour paintings with epoxy resin and I have done the streams through pieces of wood. I used tree stumps for the projects I have done so far. Putting in the epoxy rivers in theContinue reading “My First Attempt At Epoxy Resin Tabletop”









best tips whe doing a guitar pour or any other epoxy pour



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