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How To Pack And Move Your Hanging Clothes In BeastMode Style!

So I was helping my daughter move out of her boyfriends house this week and I discovered an awesome way to move your hang up clothes! I can’t believe I have never thought to do it this way actually. So you will need to have a bunch of heavy duty trash bags and that isContinue reading “How To Pack And Move Your Hanging Clothes In BeastMode Style!”

Night Stand Transformation

Free Bathroom Sink Tile Makeover

So for this project I used all free tiles that I had gotten from my local flooring stores dumpster. The place that we go and check out every so often is actually just like 3 blocks from my trailer. And the place does not care if you get in there and get things out ofContinue reading “Free Bathroom Sink Tile Makeover”

8 Must Have Storage And Organization Items

Hanging Baskets So who doesn’t like baskets? I have a basket for this, and a basket for that around my home. Hell I will make up a basket out of nothing at all sometimes! It is getting pretty bad when you get to a point where you are creating your own baskets, out of thingsContinue reading “8 Must Have Storage And Organization Items”

6 Awesome Ways To Display Things In Your Home

1. This first project , the two toned wall, is one I had tried a while back on my back wall. I think that this is an awesome way to be able to display more of your pretties. In an area that you would not have been able to do this with before. If youContinue reading “6 Awesome Ways To Display Things In Your Home”

My Back Room Makeover

So I have decided to post on my back room as I do it. Instead of waiting until it’s all done, I figured I would make it into a project that someone could follow along with. If they choose to that is. So I have to start off with saying that this will be myContinue reading “My Back Room Makeover”

My back room makeover 2

So as you can see I am moving along with my back room makeover. This room is looking so much better it is amazing. And as I have cleaned and began organizing the room it is really becoming a useful room that you can actually stand to walk into. I have used some big ironContinue reading “My back room makeover 2”

Concrete & Shells On Bathtub DiY

DiY Concrete Projects So the picture above is of the front of my bathtub. I know that it is a little out there. Most have probably never seen anything like this DIY I have going on here. I am not even sure where on earth the idea came from. I just know that one nightContinue reading “Concrete & Shells On Bathtub DiY”

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