Water Displays

Back Yard Water Display

This is my back yard water display that I will change up a couple times at least every summer. I try new things with it and when I have a great idea I want to do with a display, then this is where I will try it out.

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Front Yard Pond Coming Soon

For my front yard I decided to go with a small pond. With lots of plants around it, along with my vining tree stump“

Transformed Trash Can Water Display Coming Soon!

So for this water display project that I did I took an old plastic trash can and turned it into a small indoor water display.


Another Water Display In Back Yard

This is a different water display idea that I had and did it in the water display area of my back yard.

4 Sided Tile Water Display Coming Soon

For this project I put tile pieces laid differently on each side of an old styrofoam cooler.

Old Water Display Turned Into Home Decor Coming Soon

This was an old indoor water display that my daughter gave to me when it quit working. At first I asked for it thinking that I would fix it. But knowing nothing about water displays at the time I ended up letting it set outside for a couple years before I transformed it into a tile display.


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