Our Puppas

I have 2 dogs who are basically my kids. I have had Katie for 13 years now. Little Lick is one of her puppy’s and is 11 years old. Lick is also 3 legged due to a car hitting him when he was around 9 months old. He is the most verbal dog you could ever find!

Little Lick

Our baby

Lick has had a hell of a life so far, just like me! So you should definitely read his story and find out how a disabled woman ended up with a disabled dog!

Read Licks Story


My baby!

Katie has been through everything with me from being paralyzed and both of us sleeping in my single little hospital bed in the beginning, to withdrawals back when I was on opiates.

Lick & Katie

Awesome Spoiled Puppy’s


Lick has got 2 videos on You Tube so far that anyone who loves animals should definitely check out below. Even if you don’t love animals then maybe you will like them after seeing the videos. Who knows!

Check Out Little Lick’s Playlist On You Tube

Little Lick The Three Legged Wonder


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