Little Lick and Katie

Click Here To See Video Of Little Lick Talking


  The video above is just one of the many videos we have of Little Lick and his talking. He definitely has a whole lot of personality! This dog has different sighs that he will use to convey his feelings. He really hates to be told no though. That is where you will hear the biggest of his sighs.

  Being a 3 legged dog he has definitely learned to overcome his disability in life. And we have all spoiled him a little too much at times because of his hardships! You can definitely get a feel for how spoiled he is by his videos and his pictures.

  So please do check out his video in the above link.
If you would like to read his story click on the link below.

The story of Little Lick


Katie is now almost 12 years old. Yet she still scales the back fence like it’s nothing. Making it very hard to keep her in the back yard. She is something of an escape artist to say the least! She still acts as though she were a puppy at times. This dog has been with me through thick and thin. She layed on my couch with me many times when I was a heroin addict and going through withdrawals. She slept in my twin sized hospital bed with me when I came home from the hospital after being paralyzed from the waist down due to using needles. She is my best friend in the world and I trust her more than I would any human being on the earth. I love her and little lick just like they were my real kids. I would kill someone over these dogs were they to ever try and harm them. I wish others in the world could open their hearts to see how much animals can love their owners and what joy they can bring into your life. People out there who abuse and mistreat animals should have the exact same thing done to them as they have done to the animal they choose to abuse or neglect! Just my opinion on those who choose to be weak in this world and take their aggression out on poor defenseless animals!