Meet Chelsea

Chelsea is my oldest daughter and will be 27 this month. She graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors Degree in English. She then went straight into teaching at a charter school in Indianapolis. She chose to work at a school that has a higher percentage of Teens who come from troubled homes. She chose to teach at a school like this because of the life she lived having a mother who was an addict. It has helped her to be able to relate to kids who come from low income homes, homes with parents who are addicts, and a number of other areas that are major concerns with our youth these days. She has spent a summer in Europe visiting all the places that most people only dream of. She just got back from Peru where she helped to construct a greenhouse so a family would now be able to earn their own money so they can now send their daughters to college one day. People offering their time and services to third world countries such as Peru are helping to better this world little by little. When you offer knowledge and skills to those in need, you give them the skills necessary to achieve on their own and you give them a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Which I believe is a much better way than just giving a free handout. Which is good when people really need it, but can encourage laziness if given out a little too often.

If you have checked out my portfolio that includes pictures and a description of each of my daughter’s then you will see that all three of them are about as different as different can be in many ways. I am very proud of all three of them however. They are each making their own way in this world even after being brought up in an environment of addiction and despair at times. And I fully believe that every person should go after what it is that makes them happy in life. We are all unique and you will never be able to please everyone around you. So you should worry about pleasing yourself and those who are closest to you if possible!

An update to Chelsea’s portfolio. It is now October 2019 and Chelsea is now traveling through Asia with her boyfriend Eric. She has taken the year off from teaching so that they could actually move to Asia and move around for 7 months. They are working over there helping to supplement their incomes as they travel. Mainly writing for different places.

So she has been posting some really awesome pictures on Instagram of their travels so far. I know that most of these pictures are in Vietnam. Where they started off living. They will be in Bangkok by New Years Eve I also know. So if you are into traveling, or just beautiful pictures along with tips on how to travel cheaply follow her at

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