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Following Up With Spyware, Porn Sites, And More!

Well I am running a bit behind on posting this. I have been having really bad neck pain lately and will probably have to go to the er soon if it doesn’t stop. So it’s put me behind that is for sure.

So I wanted to talk a little bit on what I have found besides just the screws that I have thought were cameras. I do believe some of these screws I have found in my home are actually cameras. A lot probably are not. I will elaborate a little more on why I thought that there might be cameras in my home in the first place.


A couple of years ago I had a friend who warned me on the fact that someone might be watching me on camera’s. And actually taking the footage from these cameras and putting them on porn site’s. Basically making money from me and my boyfriend without our knowledge. So I was not too thrilled with this info and he was very sketchy with his info he gave me.

Basically just giving me an idea and a lot of worries in my head on something that I don’t know crap about. And didn’t have the first clue as to how to go about finding out who was doing it, where these camera’s were hidden in the trailer, or where to look online to find out if there were videos of us out there.

So I stressed and nothing ever came of it. I didn’t know where to look. And didn’t even know for sure if it was real. My friend was not like quoting something to me that he could completely stand on. This was his opinion I guess from what he had heard from someone else.


So anyway I somehow got to the right porn site this time with my investigating behind the scenes. Because I found some very interesting videos on there that I can’t swear to it on whether it is me and him or not. Sounds crazy I know. But when it comes to homemade porn or the hidden cam porns, quality is definitely not what you are getting! And in many of them they keep the faces out of the feed. Then they also can change your background, and change how you look even.

Now I am not good enough at video editing to do these things, but I know that many people out there are. I can do it on photos. I have changed all types of things in some of my still pictures. But video I have never done.

So I am trying to figure out how to get through about a billion things of porn to find the ones that I am suspicious of. And I think that whoever is doing it is taking some of the videos off as I am trying to find them. Because a couple of the videos were yanked right when I started looking into them a little more.


I guess I could be just paranoid lol. And I am not swearing that the videos are of us. I can only say right now that a few I have found were very suspicious to me. The body language is the thing that is making me look into them a little more. You can change a lot of stuff but you can’t really change a person’s body language.

So whether I am paranoid or possibly someone has been spying I thought it would be a good idea to post this just for awareness. For there may be some people out there who are unaware of how crazy it has gotten these days when it comes to spyware. The stuff just gets tinier, easier to use, and cheaper to get. So I would definitely recommend for those of you who might be thinking that someone knows a little more about your whereabouts than they really should know, to check into it a little deeper.

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