Epoxy planters

So for this project here I have combined 4 different items that I made with epoxy. They are all 3 pretty small, and very easy to do. And I think that they turned out very cute. I just love the look of epoxy. How you can see through it so clearly when you don’t addContinue reading “Epoxy planters”

Ocean Scene Epoxy Picture

So I started this project out with a piece of wood that had actually been cut out for a lazy susan. I found it in the local flooring store dumpster along with a lazy susan. This piece was actually cut perfectly for making a lazy susan and so it looked like a round piece ofContinue reading “Ocean Scene Epoxy Picture”

My First Attempt At Epoxy Resin Tabletop

I have just recently started working with epoxy resin. And I really love working with the stuff. I have done some pour paintings with epoxy resin and I have done the streams through pieces of wood. I used tree stumps for the projects I have done so far. Putting in the epoxy rivers in theContinue reading “My First Attempt At Epoxy Resin Tabletop”

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