Epoxy planters

So for this project here I have combined 4 different items that I made with epoxy. They are all 3 pretty small, and very easy to do. And I think that they turned out very cute. I just love the look of epoxy. How you can see through it so clearly when you don’t addContinue reading “Epoxy planters”

Broken Tile Island

So for this project I have actually finished my island with broken tile and grout. And then I ended up redoing it like a year later. And as you will see from the pictures that I have posted that I have definitely gotten better at doing these things. I decided one day when we movedContinue reading “Broken Tile Island”

Free Bathroom Sink Tile Makeover

So for this project I used all free tiles that I had gotten from my local flooring stores dumpster. The place that we go and check out every so often is actually just like 3 blocks from my trailer. And the place does not care if you get in there and get things out ofContinue reading “Free Bathroom Sink Tile Makeover”

Wooden Cross And River Rock Set In Epoxy Resin

So for this little project I found a wooden cross at my local thrift store, and wanted to do something with it. I thought it was awesome the way it was so simple and plain. So we decided one day to burn the ends of it and cover it with epoxy. That way it wouldContinue reading “Wooden Cross And River Rock Set In Epoxy Resin”

DiY Jacket & Glove Holder With Clock

So for this project I ended up using flooring pieces that had been thrown away at the local flooring dumpster. We had found a bunch of pieces of hardwood flooring that I really liked a lot. I wanted to use them in some way for one of my projects. I just wasn’t for sure whatContinue reading “DiY Jacket & Glove Holder With Clock”

6 Awesome Ways To Display Things In Your Home

1. This first project , the two toned wall, is one I had tried a while back on my back wall. I think that this is an awesome way to be able to display more of your pretties. In an area that you would not have been able to do this with before. If youContinue reading “6 Awesome Ways To Display Things In Your Home”

Ocean Scene Epoxy Picture

So I started this project out with a piece of wood that had actually been cut out for a lazy susan. I found it in the local flooring store dumpster along with a lazy susan. This piece was actually cut perfectly for making a lazy susan and so it looked like a round piece ofContinue reading “Ocean Scene Epoxy Picture”

Epoxy Resin River Tree Stump

So for this project I went to a neighbor of mine who is something of a lumberjack. I purchased a couple different tree stumps from him for my projects I was wanting to try. I ended up getting the double tree stump that I had turned into a side table with a built in light,Continue reading “Epoxy Resin River Tree Stump”

Seashell Epoxy Resin Table

What you will need for this project: Epoxy Resin 1-2 gallons Coloring for resin (green) Seashells Small bench Tape Border to hold epoxy in (I used vinyl flooring piece) Piece of plastic (for keeping epoxy off your floor) Plastic Gloves Stir stick Plastic cup to mix epoxy in (preferably a few) So I got myselfContinue reading “Seashell Epoxy Resin Table”

My DiY Sample Piece Rug Free

So this will be a pretty short post, but I wanted to post it to see if anyone out there likes the rug I made from a bunch of sample carpet boards. And I made it for completely free! I had once again raided our local dumpster. Well our local flooring store dumpster I shouldContinue reading “My DiY Sample Piece Rug Free”

DiY Poof Yarn Rug

View Posts So this is a fairly easy project. Though it is easy, it also is very time consuming! If you are wanting a decent sized rug then we are talking at least 4 hours of working on it with very small breaks. I really can’t say how long mine took exactly, because I workedContinue reading “DiY Poof Yarn Rug”

Old Tennis Shoe Transformation

So here are the tennis shoes after I got done with them. I have actually lost the original picture of what they looked like. So I can tell you that they were just plain white and not really that white actually. So the makeover they got really was a great improvement. I actually never woreContinue reading “Old Tennis Shoe Transformation”

Lovin Squares Headboard

So for this project I went a little bit out there and it may not be for some. I am of course still trying to finish it and can’t decide exactly how to get the rest of it the way I want it. But I figured I’d post it and if someone out there likedContinue reading “Lovin Squares Headboard”

Tree Trunk Turned Table With Built In Light

So with this project of mine I had the boyfriend go down to my neighbors and pick out some tree stumps he had all piled up in his driveway. So he ends up bringing this stump to me. Which was a lot larger than what I really had in mind. I was just going toContinue reading “Tree Trunk Turned Table With Built In Light”

Vining Tree Stump

So what I did with this project was I took a tree stump that I got from a friend and I hollowed it out. I went about 6-8″ down into the stump and about 7″ across. Well I guess it would be 7″ by 7″ I went across the top. Sorry I am not theContinue reading “Vining Tree Stump”

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