Tree Stump Side Table with Built In Light

So with this project of mine I had the boyfriend go down to my neighbors and pick out some tree stumps he had all piled up in his driveway.

So he ends up bringing this stump to me. Which was a lot larger than what I really had in mind. I was just going to put a glass piece on top of one of the stumps to turn it into a table.

But I got this one because he said it was awesome with having 2 areas for 2 tables in one.

I basically left it out on my front porch for a while just using it to sit things on as we worked outside.

Until recently when a friend of mine gave me this big rotating light. Claiming it would be awesome to use for when I do tattoos.

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Tree Trunk Table with Built in Light

Because it has a light in the middle and a circular light around the middle light. So it does make for a great source of light if you need it. And the fact that you can swivel it or adjust it makes it even better.

The problem with it was that it had been taken off something else and so now your left with just a long circular piece at the bottom. Making it impossible to sit anywhere unless you put the piece down into a hole first.

I knew in order to use it I would have to attach it to something pretty big. Because the light itself is not exactly small. So it would have to have something pretty sturdy to maintain it.

That’s when I got the idea to put it on the tree trunk that the boyfriend picked out. I don’t know if you have ever picked up or tried to move a tree stump before, but let me assure you that they are pretty damned heavy!

And my tree trunk here had not just one trunk but 2 trunks on it. Making it even heavier than most of your normal ones. So I decided it would be perfect to convert it into a side table that has a place for you to sit your stuff, and a built in adjustable light.

And it was just what I needed for a table next to my rocking chair in the living room. Where I do most of my arts and crafts from. Sign Up

So luckily I had an old vintage tool that I personally never knew what it was for but thought it looked cool. This tool ended up being a tree bark peeler.

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Vintage Tree Bark Peeler

All you have to do is take the tool with both hands on the handles and place it at the top of the stump, right where the bark meets the tree itself and pull it downwards. And it peels it right off. Very easy to use and light weight. I am super glad I got the tool from my friend a long while back, thinking it just looked cool.
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So after the bark was gone I then got my hammer drill with a big bit and proceeded to drill the hole where my light would go down in.

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It didn’t take but 15 minutes to drill it down deep enough so that the whole circular piece was buried and not seen. Which actually stabilized it pretty well just on it’s own.

But I didn’t want to take any chances so I also put hot glue down in the hole before I lowered the base of the light into it. Let it dry for a while and now it’s in there and I don’t have any worries about it tumbling over. I can actually spin the light around 360 degrees if I want to. And it doesn’t even try to tilt when I spin it. I also secured 2 screws on the backside so you have a place to wrap your lamp cord when it is not plugged into an outlet.

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For the other level of the trunk I got a piece of glass I had laying around here that came from one of my old pieces of furniture or projects I have done, and I put it on for my actual table. This area I can now sit my pretties, or whatever you may want to sit on it for your convenience. I am not all the way done with my diy side table yet. I only have the piece of glass secured against the wall with screws for now.

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My somewhat finished tree stump turned table with built in light.

I screwed one on the top side of the glass, and screwed one on the other end on the opposite side of the glass so it secures the glass from tipping or moving.

I am thinking about getting suction cup pieces to actually attach the glass to the wood. That is the only idea I have come up with so far on how to get the glass to stay in place to the wood.

And I am going to probably sand it down some more and someone told me to spray it with polyurethane to preserve the wood better. So I will post updates on it when I do get these things done. Open document settingsOpen publish panel

Artwork by Kenzie