Vining Tree Stump

Tree stump that I hollowed out and planted my vining plant in that my daughter got me for mother’s day.

So what I did with this project was I took a tree stump that I got from a friend and I hollowed it out. I went about 6-8″ down into the stump and about 7″ across. Well I guess it would be 7″ by 7″ I went across the top.

Sorry I am not the greatest at figuring out how to say the measurements. I am ridiculous actually when I start a project. I will just jump in there and start doing it and I rarely use a tape measure for anything. It sends my boyfriend into a tizzy every time he sees how I work outside. I will be in sandals with no tool belt. While he will have on a huge tool belt, knee pads, gloves, and maybe even a pair of safety goggles, depending on what he might be doing.


I do have to admit that his way is probably the much better and much safer way of doing things. But I was brought up in the country and I watched my dad work around our place for years while never wearing a tool belt or gloves half the time. So I guess I picked up a lot from my childhood in those regards. Though I will admit that I have been trying to remember to wear gloves lately because of the damage it has been doing to my hands. And mother nature is doing a fine job of aging me so I really don’t need to help speed up the process by doing dumb things that I could have prevented is the way I am looking at it these days.

So I ended up using a hammer drill with a large drill bit to hollow the stump out. This was after trying everything from a Sawzall to a mult tool. Neither did anything more than basically wear me out a little bit more than I was with very little results!

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