Mackenzie’s Story

Kenzie on the pole

Kenzie is my youngest daughter and she is now 24 years old. She has been an artist since she was 2 years old. When she was 2 she decided that our walls of our apartment was her drawing pad and she decorated them very well for us. Needless to say we had to paint every wall before we moved out of that apartment!

Kenzie has now moved onto special effects make-up. She does most of her work to her own face. And has been featured in a 5 page layout of Elan Vital Magazine.


She is also a Pole Instructor in Indianapolis where she also dances at a place called The Pony Club. She has won a few of the pole competitions which I will show some of the pictures below. She travels all over the United States dancing and doing pole work on any type of pole she can find!

Mackenzie is also an alternative model and you can check out those pictures below.

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If you would like to see more of Mackenzie, then just click below to follow our website. I will be uploading new video’s of her working the pole, working hard at the gym, and her incredible art skills when painting, tattooing, or SFX make-up!

Mackenzie’s Instagram account was recently hacked and so she had to start a new one. Which really sucks because she had just went over the 30 k mark with her followers. Probably why someone hacked her. Who knows, but I am going to start helping her get all of her content out there for the world to see. She is an amazing young woman who is also an incredibly talented young woman. I say this about Mackenzie not only because she is my daughter, but because it is true!

Videos of Mackenzie on the pole will be coming soon!

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